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    Android User here....HELLO everyone

    Hello, I am looking for a good iPhone forum. I know of xda and one that is "full of sin". About to try out the iPhone 4 it's 99.00 at the sprint store and the S is 199.00. I don't usually spend much just wait for my upgrades. Right now am on Nexus S 4g and last one was Evo 4g. I have little...
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    Thinking of getting iPhone 4 today..anything i need to know?

    I am an android user. The 4 is 99.00 and 4s is 199.00 I have read reviews where ppl said they LOVE it coming from an evo user. I have jb an iPod Touch before in the past is it hard to do on this one? I think i'll love it just asking opinions on here too. Oh yeah and is there a VAST diff in the...