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    Any idea why my clock is out by 1 hour!?

    It's jailbroken, and I've tried everything! :( World clock is showing the right time, the one in the status bar isn't!? See pics below
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    Restore question

    My iPhone is jail broken and is starting to play up, so I'm thinking of doing a restore via iTunes. My question is if I restore will it update my iPhone to 6.1.3 or is there a option to restore from a backup I need a couple of months ago. Sorry to ask, never done a iTunes restore before. Thanks
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    Importing a video file into the video app?

    Can I use ifile at all to import my own videos into the iphone's stock video app?? If so, where is the folder located? Many thanks
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    Search not working on app store!?

    Having problems in App Store & iTunes apps on the iPhone 5. Search doesn't work on App Store, just getting a blank white screen!?. This also happens when clicking on a album in iTunes!? :s Anyone else got the same problems?
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    Battery Usage keeps resetting!?

    Hi guys, wondering if someone can help? I've noticed this problem since jailbreaking my 4s on 5.1.1. My usage keeps reseting after awhile, and it's annoying as I like to keep a tab on it!. Was wondering if anyone could shed any light on the matter? Please see pictures below Thanx
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    Increased Battery drain on 4s after 5.1.1 jailbreak!??

    Hi guys n girls, Just wondering if anybody else has noticed an increase in battery drain after the latest 5.1.1 jailbreak!?. When it's idle it seems not to bad, but when I'm using the phone it seems to drain quicker, yes I know it's going to drain anyway as I'm using the phone, but I've...