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    Creating an app

    I guys. I need help on creating an app. Its an web based ( i think) app. I need to develop this app for my fellow foreign students here in russia so we can catch the bus on time to attend our classes. I dont have a mac. Can any1 kindly enough teach or develop the app for us? Thnx
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    Show caller id help

    Good day every 1. Ok my problem is that I can't toggle my caller id on or off, sometimes my carrier wont let me call put and i have to go to "show caller id" to let it load. Here's a picture of it Hope you guys can help me >_<
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    Multiplayer RPG

    is there any game that can connect 2 or more iphone to play multiplayer rpg?
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    Bbm for iphone

    Hi. Is there blackberry messenger for iphone? I dont want whats app or viber or etc2
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    Remove jailbreak

    I guys. Im new here, is there anyone know how to unjailbreak without reastoring? I wanted to rejailbreak my ip4 but i doin want to restore it, if possible i wanted to sustain my current firmware 4.3.3.