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    Calendar Alert Duration

    I am sure there is a setting for this, but I cant find it. If I set an alert for a calendar app, the alert tone is very short. It is easy to miss in a noisy environment. Is there a way to extend the duration of the alert? Is there a way for the alert to sound every fem minutes until I dismiss...
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    Backing Up a Jail Break

    I have a verizon iphone4. version 4.2.6. I had it jail breaked when I first got it in may. Anyways, my phone keeps dropping calls. I have made numerous complaints to verizon about this, and they are sending me a new phone tomorrow. I have five days to send them back my old one. Is there a way I...
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    ? Question about the insurance

    The insurance even covers loss. So if it is jailbroken, just claim it as a "loss" and dont even bother trying to turn it in. I am not real impressed with the insurance. It is 11.00 a month. I was in an accident and the back glass was broken. I applied for the insurance and they approved my...
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    I saw a youtube video on sbrotator. I would really like to use it if I can. I have heard that it was buggy with verizon. I am looking to see if that it still the case. My verizon iphone4 is version 4.2.6. It looks like they have a couple of versions of it. If you use and like sbrotator, could...
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    Unable to Jailbreak

    I had the same issue on my Verizon iPhone 4.2.6 I spen two weekends and got no where. I ended up getting on craigslist and found a guy that would do it for 20 bucks. I was so pleased with it that I actually gave him 30. I am very pleased with it. I consider it money well spent!
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    Download over desktop and then install possible?

    I have been trying to download a app for my iphone4 that is over 1gb. It seems to download for about a hour, and then it crashes and I have to start all over again. Is there an app that will see how much was downloaded and start at that point? Or is there a way to download it through my desktop...
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    Ring tone maker wanted

    I am looking for a ringtone maker app for my Iphone4. It is jailbroken. I am looking to get the closest I can get to features I want. I would like it to do itune drm files I would like it to create the ring tone from my iphone with music files that are on my iphone, and then have it...
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    looking for a speed dial app

    This app looks like it will work for me but I can't find it under the name you provided. Could you please double check the name and possibly provide a link?
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    Cydia Initializing Filesystem

    After fooling with this for over two weekends, I was finally able to jailbreak my verizon iphone using Greenpois0n 5.4. The issue I had was that I was attempting to run greenpoison from the zip folder instead of first extracting it to the desktop, and then running. Anyways, it is now jailbroken...
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    Sound Manager App Wanted

    I am trying to jailbreak my phone, so please provide the names of the apps for whan I am able to accomplish the jailbreak.
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    Jailbreaking Verizon iPhone 4.2.6

    Thanks for the help. I do have the phone plugged into the computer with the original usb cable that came with the iphone from verizon. I do not have itunes running during the procedure. Should I?
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    Sound Manager App Wanted

    Looking for an app to manage sounds. When I shut off my phone, it sounds like a camera shutter. I think it is supposed to be a key board click, but it sounds more like a camera shutter to me. Anyways, I would like some type of manager where i can select different sounds for calendar events...
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    Jailbreaking Verizon iPhone 4.2.6

    I have a verizon iphone that is about 2 weeks old. Checking Settings->General->About shows me the Version is 4.2.6(8E200). The MEID is A100001ADC809F and the Modem Firmware is 1.0.05 I am using a windows xp computer to try to jailbreak the phone I tried using Greenpois0n. I hold the sleep...
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    What does unlocking do?

    I understand jailbreaking, but what does unlocking do? Why does one want to unlock their verizon phone?
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    Phone apps wanted

    Hi; I broke my ribs and cant hold a phone to my ear and write. I am looking for an app that will allow me to record while I am on the phone. It doesnt have to record the call, just what I say. If the caller gives me an address, I want to be able to say it back and record it. Do you k now of any...
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    Ringtones for iphone 4

    Yesterday i used this site to create a mp3 ringtone, "My Girl", to be used as the ring tone for when my wife calls me. I synced it through itunes and placed a call to myself using my wifes phone and it worked just as I expected. I then made another ringtone to be used as a default ringtone for...
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    Trunket Real American Rosewood iphone 4 skins

    I really like them! I would probably purchase one if i thought i could still use it with my docking station.
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    REAL Facial Recognition For iPhone & iPod Touch With RecognizeMe

    Me too! I hate having to enter my apple id password everytime I want to download an app! Especially for a free App.... WTH!!!!! I have a Toshiba Tablet PC with a fingerprint reader. There is a program on it called password bank. it will store all of you usernames and passwords. If you log...
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    looking for a speed dial app

    looking for a speed dial app that would allow me to store phone numbers to memory positions like in the old days! I want to be able to be in the dial pad and hold down the "!" for a certain length of time, say one second, and it will automatically call home. "2" for my wife, "3" for my work etc...
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    Desktop Iphone Manager

    Is there a decent desktop app that will allow me to manage stuff on my iphone? I really dont like itunes, and itunes will not allow me to see everything on my device. I would like to be able to see all my contacts, and delete out dated ones. I would like to be able to delete photos, or mp3s. I...