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    downhrade baseband.

    How can I downhrade the baseband from 6.15.00 to 5.13?
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    iphone 3g

    Jailbroken iphone 3g unlocked running ipad bb 6.15.00 I only get one bar reception and then says network lost how can I fix this? I have uninstalles ultrasnow and reinstalled it even went into settings and reset network. 3g and enabled data roaming still nothing.. I need help with...
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    iphone 3G activating with out sim card

    I just got an iphone 3g from a friend. i did the restore on it and now there is a screen with a itunes logo and a usb cord. it says insert sim to activate. i don't have a sim card from att, im on tmobile and want to be able to unlock and jailbreak but without a sim card from att is there any...
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    hey everyone.

    hows it going.. i just got an iphone 3g so im new to all this. i have been an android user ever since the G1 from google. a friend of mine gave me his old iphone and it needs to be acitvated but i don't have an at&t sim card.. does anyone know how to do this?