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  1. Grant211

    Cases that are easy to get out of my jeans pocket?

    x2. I have this and like it
  2. Grant211

    Anyone know where can get a cheap iphone case

    Remember - You get what you pay for.
  3. Grant211

    Facebook App won't upload pics.

    I had the same problem. This is how i fixed it. Delete the facebook ap and reinstall it.
  4. Grant211

    increasing ring tone?

    Dang that stinks Anybody know of a ring tone that increases in volume automatically?
  5. Grant211

    Yes another "WHICH CASE SHOULD I GET?" thread

    thanks for the suggestion. Does anybody else have an input?
  6. Grant211

    Yes another "WHICH CASE SHOULD I GET?" thread

    I see alot of threads on this...but here are my questions that i don't have the answer to. I keep my phone in my pocket. So, the otterbox is out of the question. Just too bulky. I want a case to help protect it and I don't want the case to get stuck or ripped while pulling out of my pocket...
  7. Grant211

    increasing ring tone?

    Does the iphone have a setting where the ring tone starts off low and gets louder as it continues to ring?
  8. Grant211


    Hey everybody.... I finally drank the kool-aid and got an Iphone. My old phone was a a cheap POS that didn't have internet on it. My wife has the older version iphone, so i finally got the advice to step up. I now see why there is a lot of hype about this phone. It's awesome. Now, i just...