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    mobile-spy program

    I have use this in the past and worked pretty good. Since then we have switched to the i phones, everyone has the iphone 5, with the 6.0.2 system. I was reading that mobile-spy has a program that will work with this but the phone has to be jailbroke, So my question is this, before...
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    I got my iPhone 5 for Xmas! Is it broken already?

    they make so many phone its easy to have a issue. We had to return one off the office phones. I walked in got 5 of them. 4 of them worked like they should but one had no signal. it would work on wifi and call but the data didnt work.. i called sprint and went threw all the steps to "fix" it...
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    Yahoo messenger

    Is anyone else having problems with yahoo messenger on the iphone 5. im running the newest i guess stuff.. 6.0.2? The probelm i have is it works fine if on a wifi, but once out of range its very slow, and logs in and out as well as freezes up.. is there a fix for this or does it just suck.
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    Help! Facebook chat mobile icon is missing when using iphone 5.

    I had to download messenger on the phone. You might be able to send her the message first and she can reply
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    short cut i cons?, and other stuff

    Thanks for the info but that was what I was trying to skip was looking for a persons name.
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    short cut i cons?, and other stuff

    I know this probably kinda lame to some of you, but i want a short cut i con for contacts.. On my HTC i could import contacts to a icon.. So say i wanted to call or text the wife. there was a icon for that. I didnt have to search threw contacts or type anything. I also had one for my office...
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    Problem with Contact Email Addresses

    Mine is the same way.. Ive deleted all e mails. face book etc. and still there... I guess ill be returning the phone and going back to a android