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    Just noticed something about my wife's 3GS

    I was matching our location services last night and noticed something on my wife's Location Services screen that I dont have on's the Compass... both phones are updated to iOS 5.1...why is it on hers and not mine? Her screen shot is on the left, mine is on the right...
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    In app notifications with the Facebook app.

    Is anybody else getting a "CONNECTION ERROR" when they manually refresh their IN APP notifications? Please see the attachment for a screen shot of what I am talking about. Everything else with the Facebook app works properly, I just keep getting this message when trying to manually refresh my...
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    This is great!!! So funny!

    Hope this isn't a repost:
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    What are you using to clean your iPhones?

    So, seeing as I am new to the iPhone world, I would like to ask what you guys are using to clean your phone to keep it looking fresh!? My iPhone lives in an OtterBox Defender case, however I do plan on taking it out every other week or so to wipe it down and keep it looking good. Any suggestions...
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    New guy here!

    Hello everybody, my name is Adam and I am from Zephyrhills, FL. Not only am I a newbie to the iPhone, but I am also a newbie to smart phones in general. My wife and I had MetroPCS and became disgustingly disappointed with their service and switched to AT&T and elected to take advantage of their...