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  1. izzyfanto

    Siri & Browser Changer

    anyone know of a jailbreak tweak that forces Siri to respect the "Browser Changer" tweak and use a different browser when web searching?
  2. izzyfanto

    SMS alert tone while in conversation

    from the title, I am asking if there is a tweak that lets you change the SMS alert tone while in conversation...the stupid small incoming "whoosh" sound is worthless, especially when the phone display turns off while Messages is still open....I never hear when someone texts me back. any ideas...
  3. izzyfanto

    Cydia not showing installed packages after update

    after unistalling Corona so as to re jailbreak with redsn0w, my iphone went into a respring loop. i re jailbroke, phone booted up with all tweaks installed and everything worked just fine. but after going to Cydia, it asked to update itself, which i did. but after rebooting, none of my installed...
  4. izzyfanto

    Status bar notification icons

    is there a tweak that adds status bar notification icons for SMS, email ect? I don't want a full app like IntelliscreenX or LockInfo, and those apps only display those icons in the lock screen whereas I want them on my status bar once I unlock my phone too. I have searched extensively through...
  5. izzyfanto

    SBSettings 2 rows not working

    I cannot get SBSettings to display in 2 or 3 rows...only one single continious sliding row. Very irritating. I have tried enabling up to 13 toggles, changing themes, reinstalling. Nothing works and I have tried searching this forum, google and other forums to no avail. Can anybody point me in...
  6. izzyfanto

    iOS 5 jailbreak multitasking gestures

    I jailbroke my Verizon iPhone 4 with Redsn0w for iOS 5.0.1. Everything works smoothly with zero problems. However, when I try to enable the stock multi task gestures, they don't work. I've tried toggling on and off to no avail. I do not have Winterboard installed, and before I installed any...
  7. izzyfanto

    why won't Apple let us change the default browser???

    does anybody know the reason why won't Apple let us change the default browser??? I have searched this forum to no avail, onlly finding references to the Cydia app Browser Changer (I have jailbroken, but had to go back to stock because the jailbreak was unstable). I love my iPhone (coming from...
  8. izzyfanto

    springboard laggy/choppy

    I have noticed going from iOS 5.0.1 stock(silky smooth) to iOS 5.0.1 jailbrokem springboard gets really laggy and choppy swiping between screens. is this normal? i don't have that many tweaks installed. also, i cannot get the iOS 5 gestures to work. i have the option enabled and they just don't...
  9. izzyfanto

    iOS 5 GM

    i couldn't wait, so i upgraded to iOS 5 Gold Master and everything runs beautifully. love the notification center! and the volume up button to take a picture is great. I'm not a dev's pretty easy to do :-D Sent from my iPhone using
  10. izzyfanto

    ShadowGun...who's excited??

    this game is gonna be sick! it's like Gears of War for's released tomorrow too SHADOWGUN Gameplay E3 2011 [ iPhone, iPad, Android, Tegra ] - YouTube