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    Little hlp/info with REactivation?

    Hi all. Need a little help if you would. Short story, have iphone 4 (at&t). Got a new phone took out my SIM and put it in. Took the iphone 4 and let my daughter use it as ipod touch. When I redid the iphone 4 for her and jailbroke it again i did it on her computer so she has al her apps...
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    AT&T Throttle update

    Not sure if anyone saw this or posted it yet AT&T announces throttling changes, now kicks in at 3GB or 5GB for LTE -- Engadget
  3. J

    Mt new OEM white conversion

    So here is my conversion to an OEM White. I will give the contact info at the end of this in case anyone wants info about the kit. The kit was packed perfectly. It came in one box. Within that one box were 3 smaller boxes. One box had the glass and digitizer. The second box had the glass...