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    Random iPhone 5 Resprings

    Hi My iPhone 5 is restringing randomly throughout the day. The tweaks that I have installed on my iPhone 5 are as follows. I have done some troubleshooting and it seems as though the problem may be caused by GroovyLock. However, as I really like GroovyLock, I am wondering if there are any...
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    Problems when i update ISX 7

    Hi, I'm facing some problems updating ISX 7 on Cydia. Whenever I try to update, I get the following message. Does anyone know how this can be rectified? Previously I have updated ISX 7 on several occasions and have not faced such an issue. Thanks in advance!
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    Restore Phone to factory but Maintain its Jailbreak

    Hi, I'll be selling my old iPhone 4 to my friend. What's the best way to erase all of my data, settings, etc, inside the iPhone, but at the same time, ensure that it is still jailbroken? Would that be to do a full restore to factory settings, set up the phone as a new iPhone and jailbreak it...
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    Does GroovyLock cause random respring issues?

    Has anyone else installed GroovyLock onto their iPhone? It is a tweak that allows you to change the LS of your phone. I have it on my iPhone 5 (7.0.4) and there have been a few random respring issues. I think it may be GroovyLock, because I had uninstalled the particular tweak and left it off...
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    Any replacement for xCon for iOS7?

    Until xCon is updated, is there any tweak that performs the same function that xCon used to do on iOS6? Do let me know if there are any./
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    IntelliScreenX 7

    Is there a repo that we must add to download isx7? I can't seem to find the ios7 version of this tweak in the default Cydia repos. Thanks in advance!
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    How to Download iOS7-only Apps onto Jailbroken iOS6?

    I feel as though App Store is punishing me for not upgrading to iOS7. There's a new app I was thinking of purchasing (it's a brand new app release so there is no option on the App Store to download the last compatible version of the app), but iOS7 is required for the app to download and...
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    Why iPhone 5 keep restarting randomly???

    For the past couple of weeks, I have had problems with my iPhone 5 crashing and restarting randomly. My iPhone 5 is running iOS 6.1. Sometimes it restarts when I am using it but there is no pattern with regards to the Apple app that I am using when it takes place. Sometimes it may crash when I...
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    How do I get my NC to look like this?

    Hi, can I ask how to get the "respring" and "WiFi" thing in the Notification Centre, just like the image? What tweaks can I use?
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    Any app to get live audio commentary of soccer games?

    Hello all, is there an app that can provide live audio commentary of soccer (european football) games? I know of some apps where you constantly auto-refresh the live text to see the progress in the games. But I am looking for one that is strictly audio. Is there such an app? If not, is there...
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    Problems with Whatsapp

    Hey all, I have been having some big problems with whatsapp today. They have apparently just started. I didn't install anything new, as far as I remember. Since this morning, I have been unable to receive some whatsapp messages. Also, when I send out messages, they are shown as being...
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    Change colour of theme Notification Centre

    Hi all, I recently downloaded a new theme, and I like the user interface. But there's one small issue: the notification centre theme default is actually white colour. I would like it to be black instead.. How would I go about using iFile or perhaps something else to change the notification...
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    Whatsapp auto forwarding to another number?

    Hi, is it possible to download an app or Cydia tweak or something to maybe auto forward whatsapp messages from one mobile number to another? Or something like that? I receive a lot of whatsapp messages for business and social purposes and some of these need a quick response. Cause I'll be...
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    Whatsapp "resetting" itself

    Hi all, Just now my whatsapp just "reset" itself and I lost all my past conversations as a result. The threads for my group chats were present but empty. My individual chat threads were all gone. The problem started when I updated four Cydia tweaks. These were BiteSMS, IntelliScreenX6 and two...
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    Mail app screwed

    My stock Mail app is completely screwed on my iPhone 5 (6.1.2). About half a day ago, I was able to load my emails without any issues. But then when I tried to load my mails again about an hour ago, the Mail app suddenly tells me that the password for every single one of my mail accounts are...
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    iOS 6.1 vs 6.1x?

    Would rather ask this dumb question first to take precautions, just in case I get forced to restore to 6.1.3. If the notes about a Cydia tweak says that it can only be downloaded on iOS 6.1x, does that only mean that it is applicable only for iOS 6.1.1 and 6.1.2? Not iOS 6.1 right?
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    Sticky notes on springboard

    Hey guys, Does anyone happen to know if there's a tweak, or even an App Store app, that allows you to paste sticky notes on the iPhone springboard? Perferably something like those old fashioned yellow Post It notes. On the Mac, there's an app called Stickies (i think that's the name) that...
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    Iconoclasm/Infinifolders Question

    Hi guys, I'm wondering something about Iconoclasm & Infinifolders. I have both tweaks installed. My Iconoclasm layout is arranged in a 5x3 formation in such a way so that it begins from about 1/3 of the way down the screen to accommodate a widget at the top. I modified my current layout...
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    Ringtones for iPhone

    Hi all, My friend is having some problems syncing ringtones for iOS. We both created 4 30 second ringtones through iTunes and successfully converted the songs frm .mp3 to .m4r versions without issues. They were all 30 secs or less. But when it came to syncing, I was able to sync all 4 into...
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    Issues with Zephyr

    Hey, I have a question about Zephyr. I bought and installed the tweak on my iPhone 5 (iOS 6.1) yesterday and the multitasking has been great. But on one occasion, when I was flicking through the apps on the multitasking screen, i encountered a completely black screen and my phone froze...