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  1. $tylez

    Warring States XD (Free)

    Hey guys. Have you ever tried out a warring game on the iPhone? It's really cool and best of all, its free. If you would like to give it a shot, download it and refer me by going to settings then referral. My ID is 3711683 and I will help you start out and put you in an alliance!! VERY ADDICTING.
  2. $tylez

    sim question here.

    alright, so i got a new stock iphone 4 from apple for free which unfortunaly, has the 3.10.1 /4.2.1 so it cannot be jailbroken for now. My sister has a jailbroken iPhone 4 and i'm thinking of taking hers instead and she recieves mine. We both are on AT&T and I was wondering - Is there any...
  3. $tylez

    iPhone 4 4.2.1

    Hey guys, been lurking around lately but my iPhone 4 which was 4.1 jailbroken and unlocked got water damaged so I had to get a new one. YES, apple even gave me a free one because the guy claimed that something was wrong with it even though the phone didnt work? Yeah, he did his little tricks...
  4. $tylez

    I need some help.

    Alright, generally I dont ask much questions regarding the jailbroken ect but this time around .. I'm just lost. I'm running the 4.0.1 firmware 1.59.00 and I've tried to limera1n it about 5 times! What am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to update it via iTunes? Agh. I've been reading many things...
  5. $tylez

    Does anyone use twitter?

    I just made one, a bit cool. I'll follow you if anyone has got one (already following iphone4forum) twitter: iph0nekid
  6. $tylez

    New Social Group - iPhone 4 Fanatics

    $tylez has created a new social group called "iPhone 4 Fanatics", with the following description: To join this group visit the social groups homepage where this new group will be listed.
  7. $tylez

    Where do you live?

    Since majority here are current AT&T customers or soon to be(myself), where do you live and how good is your service? I currently reside in Chicago and AT&T is terrible from what I've heard and seen.
  8. $tylez

    What AT&T plan do you have?

    Thought this would be interesting, what AT&T plan and data plan do you have?
  9. $tylez

    Informative speech about apple.

    I'm doing an informative speech about apple due wensday and it has to be about a good 5-7 minutes long. Any ideas? I'm learning towards doing the history of apple, iPhone 2G-4G and the macbook. Not really sure yet but any ideas are welcome!
  10. $tylez

    iPhone 4 antenna problems.. recall?

    I just wanted to let all you fellow iPhone 4 users that I stopped by an best buy today to see if they had any available units left. Interesting to say, the first sentence out of their mouth was "Its very much possible that a recall could be in the process, at least that was what I was told...
  11. $tylez

    How long did you wait in line to get your iPhone 4?

    I waited @ apple for about three hours, not including waiting at Radioshack since 3am which then promptly lead to me going to apple around 6am. Nonetheless, I'm still iPhone4-less to this day. Whats your story (sorry if there's a topic like this already)?
  12. $tylez

    New iPhone 4---3g user here.

    My name is Jay, I'm currently holding a iPhone 3G 4.0 OS. I'd like to say that I got screwed out of getting an iPhone 4 where I reside which is Chicago. I was waiting in line at an apple since 3AM and didn't even get one. Hopefully, I could get one june 29(tuesday) when they hit AT&T retail...