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  1. gray_mouse

    Can't update iPhone 4 to iOS 6

    Thank you Ahson!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your PM and for your post, your solution helped me solve my problem. Solution was to download,1_6.0.1_10A523_Restore.ipsw Turn off windows firewall (otherwise you get error 6) Then upgrade...
  2. gray_mouse

    Can't update iPhone 4 to iOS 6

    Hi willerz2. I feel dumb asking this. What should I google for? I tried 'ios 6 LL/A' and 'LL/A firmware' and no positive results. Can you please help me find the correct IPSW for iOS 6?
  3. gray_mouse

    Can't update iPhone 4 to iOS 6

    @willerz2 HardwareModel: N90AP HardwarePlatform: s5l8930x ModelNumber: MD198 RegionInfo: LL/A BuildVersion: 9B208 This is a USA phone, friends in Miami gave it to my mom as a gift, and she gave it to...
  4. gray_mouse

    Can't update iPhone 4 to iOS 6

    @willerz2 ModelNumber: MD198 RegionInfo: LL/A HardwareModel: N90AP HardwarePlatform: s5l8930x BuildVersion: 9B208 @Ivziggy MTC Russia, that's phone and 3G. My internet connection is via Yota LTE...
  5. gray_mouse is dead?

    Hi willerz2. There used to be, but I got rid of it long ago. Presently there are only these files hosts lmhosts.sam networks protocol services and yes I have checked them all to see references to, none found.
  6. gray_mouse

    Can't update iPhone 4 to iOS 6

    Hi Thomasjtsi & Ivziggy. I have done what you have suggested, prior to this post and just now. The results are as follows: it downloads iOS firmware and then fails with incompatible firmware error message. I have to download firmware manually and upgrade, but then it gives me error 1394...
  7. gray_mouse is dead?

    Ok, but why am I getting iTunes error 1394 whenever I try to upgrade my iPhone 4 to iOS 6? (yes I checked my hosts file and there is no redirect to cydia)
  8. gray_mouse is dead?

    hosts file is clean, no firewall, I even get same same results when pinging from router's diagnostic panel Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601] (c) Корпорация Майкрософ&#1090...
  9. gray_mouse is dead?

    I can't figure out what's going on. First I thought it was a problem on my end but then I went and found online ping tool and appears to be dead. Can anyone confirm?
  10. gray_mouse

    Can't update iPhone 4 to iOS 6

    Well my model on the back of the case is A1332. From about from inside iOS it is MD198LL. So it is iPhone 4 GSM. I've been downloading the correct firmware, and also I believe iTunes would download the correct firmware.
  11. gray_mouse

    Can't update iPhone 4 to iOS 6

    Hi. I've done the update to iOS 6 on my 3GS and it was all fine, then I went ahead and tried updating my factory unlocked iPhone 4 to iOS 6, I don't want a jail break, and basically iTunes does the following: 1. It downloads firmware, then 2. It displays this error "firmware file not...
  12. gray_mouse

    Shrinking Silicone Case

    Once you'd be going through your 2nd otterbox defender you'd boil yours too I guess What really does work when it comes to shrinking silicone?
  13. gray_mouse

    Addicted to apple products.

    I was when I first got my iphone 4 and ipad1. Though it went. Sure iphone 4 is excellent, but samsung epix is more practical - can carry epix with your keys in your pocket and can drop it more than once. Then I got my hands on galaxy tablet, no difference between ipad and it, can do all the...
  14. gray_mouse

    Bad battery life? Perhaps you don't even need a new battery!

    Just recently my battery life was about 8 hours on stand-by. I ordered a new battery from Amazon and tried replacing my old one, well, the phone didn't recognize it so I stuck my old battery back in. What you know, now - on my old battery - battery life is just like it used to be when phone...
  15. gray_mouse

    SHSH Blobs - Frequently Asked Questions

    Thank you! It worked with version 5.10.12!!!!
  16. gray_mouse

    SHSH Blobs - Frequently Asked Questions

    TinyUmbrella 5.10.14 does not work with one of my devices. I connect my decide, hit save shsh and get this log.. Nothing happens for some reason, switching different options in advanced has no effect. I tried using tinyumbrella 5.10.14 with a different device, and it did save shsh for iOS...
  17. gray_mouse

    iPhone 4, 01.59.00 jailbreak

    Last time I jailbreaked was in May last year, a lot of time went by, you can say that I'm a noob now. My iPhone relies on software unlock via ultrasn0w. Modem firmware 01.59.00, and iOS version 4.3.2... I need to know which latest iOS version I can put on it and still keep my phone unlocked?
  18. gray_mouse

    Upgrading iOS, will contact photos be transfered?

    Question. Have 4.3.2 sn0wbreezed, want to go to latest (if untethered out). Have some bomb contact photos, girls in my car, home, etc. These are contact only photos, could not be found in Photos App or transferred to PC. If I upgrade and restore from iTunes will contact photos be transferred...
  19. gray_mouse

    Bad Battery life help

    Backgrounder does that. Msn messenger does that.
  20. gray_mouse

    What is the best free iPhone 4 Video Converter?

    Use pizaro video converters suite