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  1. iJeff

    I"m baaaaack

    Just a little post to say i missed everyone on the forum and i will be back as much of a full time mod as i can with work beeing soooooo busy.
  2. iJeff

    It's GREAT to be back on forum.......

    As you have seen lately, i havent been on in a while due to work related issues but im back on to get back into the swing of thing's. Time to drop the hammer and strt getting busy on here once again. If i could be of any assistance to my fellow and ladies please send me a PM and i will help out...
  3. iJeff

    Beta 9 Itunes

    Itunes Beta 10.5 Beta 9 is now available for download.
  4. iJeff

    IPHONE 5 feature's

    I just came across a post the someone did on the 200+ new features of the new Iphone ( 4S - 5 ). Looks like someone took a little time on this. iOS 5: Complete list of 200+ New Features | TechZoom
  5. iJeff

    PrePlay for iphone

    If anyone is signed up for PrePlay and would like to add some friends my name on there is steelers61172. Should be pretty fun to play during the game's. Leave a post with your screen name if you want to be added to my list of friends......good luck
  6. iJeff

    Scrolling statusbar???

    In this video it shows the statusbar scrolling from side to side, any clue as to what tweak this might be? Cool Lockscreen for iPhone & iPod Touch - LS Glass - YouTube
  7. iJeff

    Strange circle next to verizon

    Every now and again where the 3g is, i get an 0 or a circle in its place. Any clue as to why or what this is?
  8. iJeff

    IOS 5 BETA 6 dropping on the 17th

    Just after the newly released BETA 5 Apple announces that they will drop BETA 6 on the 17th. Just an FYI.....
  9. iJeff

    IOS 5 Version of lockinfo for IOS 4

    (1) ifile page with the zip you need to ssh it to your phone. Download v1.2 MacThemes Forum / [LockInfo] iOS5 Style SD and HD (2) Youtube video for part 1 ‪iOS 5 LockInfo Theme Mod (Part 1)‬‏ - YouTube (3) Youtube video for part 2 ‪How to get iOS 5 Theme For Lockinfo...
  10. iJeff

    Another look into what might be the Iphone 5

    New Silicone Cases For iPhone 5 Suggest Thinner, Tapered iPad 2-like Design [PHOTOS] | Redmond Pie
  11. iJeff

    First look at the NEW iphone 5?

    If this is what they went to i will be very disappointed in the new style..Tell me what you think about it if it is in fact the next iphone. They say it will have a bigger screen,round like the first gen and no home button. First iPhone 5 Case Designs Reveal Bigger Touchscreen, Curved Back… And...
  12. iJeff

    Updated Program License Agreement

    Is anyone else having problems reading this Agreement? It loads a blank page for me and without being able to accept it. i cant dl itunes BETA 4........UGHHHHHHHHHH
  13. iJeff

    IOS 5 BETA 4 just released

    Beta 4 was just released today
  14. iJeff

    ZAGG products

    Who uses Zagg on there iphone or other devices? I have used them since they have come out and would say that they are the best screen cover ever. I used the ATT and Verizon Hard covers before and they dont compair to Zagg at all. I have noticed that with the ATT and Verizon covers show more...
  15. iJeff

    Random Icon Flip

    Does anyone know what happened to this app by ? All i can find is the one that does your springboard only by BigBoss. Ryan P is the original author and it has disappeared from his repo,weird. Thanks
  16. iJeff


    I have a piricy warning stuck on my screen for a tweak i didnt even dl and i cant get it off. Any clue in what to do????
  17. iJeff

    Ios5 udid slots available

    Ok guy's and gal's, i have 10 slots i am giving away for FREE, yes FREE. All you have to do is send me your UDID number but heres the catch, you must have at least 50 post on this forum to get them. Because i love this forum and the people here you must as well. Just PM me your info and i will...
  18. iJeff

    Ringer Volume

    Is there a tweak out there that will make the ringer louder????
  19. iJeff

    Mobilenotifier issue's

    I cant seem to get this to work. It will install correctly but when i go to answer it, the keyboard will not go down??? Any clue as to why this is happeneing? Is there a tweak that this doesnt play well with???
  20. iJeff

    SlickWraps Wood finish

    This is a great product and i would suggest for everyone to get one of there great overlay's weather it be wood or even there NEW carbon fiber. They are a great company to deal with and super fast delivery. Great job guys and sorry for the poor pic's, cheap camera.......