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  1. Chris951

    Weird noise

    So I got my 5s about two months ago, upgraded from a 4s. I love the phone! But just have a couple concerns. The camera makes noise when I shake the phone. My 4s did this so Im not really worried. What does bother me though is the actual lock button rattles too. Its pretty noisy. Is anyone elses...
  2. Chris951


    In another forum I am on, someone is considering an iphone 5 or an S3. There is a guy that stated "You will never be able to do the things you can do with an android on an iPhone. Even after jailbreaking". Now, I've jail broken before and know you can do a lot. But I'm wondering if there are...
  3. Chris951


    Why can't I sign into the new app? I can use my email but whenever I do that and try to watch videos it says I'm "underage". But I'm 21 and have my birthday in my account? I want to login with my username which has all my favorites and subscriptions. And I hate using the mobile site. So any help...
  4. Chris951

    Imessage not working..

    Just did a fresh restore and now my imessage isnt working. In settings it just says waiting for activation. I tried a hard reset and turning imessage on and off but nothing. Why is it doing this right after a fresh restore? And how do I fix it?
  5. Chris951

    Pictures deleted?

    Restored today and did nothing different than usual. I just went in my photo gallery and my pictures were gone. All I had was a wallpaper I downloaded and a pic of my car I took today. Both after the restore. Just went to look at them and they're gone? It's not a big deal at all just wondering...
  6. Chris951

    Enlighten me.

    Why does my phone get better battery life when it's jailbroken? I restored last night and didn't jailbreak and battery life is terrible like it used to be before I jailbroke it. I don't really care for jailbreaking because I'm not into the customization aspect of it.. But I'm probably gonna...
  7. Chris951


    What are some tweaks everyone is using? I don't even know where to start lol. If you could name your tweaks and what they do it would be appreciated. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone 4 using Tapatalk
  8. Chris951


    Just decided to jailbreak again with Absinthe. Everything went smooth. Just wondering how to download stuff from cydia? I try to search and all it brings up is stuff already installed? Last time I had my phone jailbroken about a week or two ago, I had no problem searching for apps and tweaks...
  9. Chris951


    Jailbroke my iPhone 4 5.1.1 for the first time yesterday. I've always been an overclock guy. I always seem to overclock all of my computers and phones. Thought I'd give ioverclock a try today and I can notice its a bit 'snappier' when loading and opening things which is what I wanted. It's...
  10. Chris951

    How does this look?

    Just did a fresh restore and updated to 5.1.1 two days ago. Does this look ok for battery life? My girlfriend literally texts me every 5 minutes all day lol and I use Facebook and YouTube. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Chris951

    5.1 jailbreak

    Is there an untethered jailbreak available for 5.1 A4 devices yet?
  12. Chris951

    Who else?!

    Who else is perfectly happy with their unjailbroken iPhone like me?! :)
  13. Chris951

    To all of my fellow sprint users

    A you may or may not know, virgin mobile runs on the sprint network and uses their towers. Virgin mobile has announced that they will be capping data speeds. This is most likely due to vast amounts of customers rooting and hot spotting their phones. I have a virgin android which I use it for...
  14. Chris951


    What is a baseband and what does it do? Does upgrading it improve anything? I understand that it upgrades when you upgrade your iOS. What should mine be with my iPhone 4 on sprint? It says 3.0.03 on modem firmware. Is this the most current one? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I just really...
  15. Chris951

    Hard reset?

    Will hard resetting (holding sleep/wake and home button for 10 seconds) frequently cause any damage to my phone? Ive been doing it once a day just to keep it running smooth. I realize I don't have to but I like to. But I've been reading online that it should only be a last resort if your phone...
  16. Chris951

    Quick music question.

    I hear a bunch of people saying they have tens of gigabytes of music on their iPhone/iPod. Are you guys paying for all of these songs through iTunes? I have an old 4gb iPod nano that's filled up but that was back in the limewire days.. I just can't get myself to pay for music especially...
  17. Chris951

    Best speed test yet!

  18. Chris951

    Ios 5.0.1 update problems..

    Ok, I got my replacement iPhone 4 today after destroying my last one yesterday. It's running iOS 5.0 and I'm trying to update via software update in settings on the phone. It will download for a minute or two then it will say update failed. On my last phone, I tried updating it on itunes after...
  19. Chris951

    Dropped my iphone...

    Well, tonight my car got stuck in the ice so I tried to push it out, forgetting my phone was in my jacket pocket. Inevitably, I slipped and fell and my iPhone launched out of my pocket and slid across the ice on its screen into some muddy slush. Picked my phone up and it's got scratches all over...
  20. Chris951

    Iphone 4 headphones

    Why are my headphones that came with my iPhone 4 so much quieter than my old beat up 4 year old iPod headphones?