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  1. bckeefe2004

    Hey Apple...."Get in the ring!!! (Conspiracy Content)

    Here is the story: I went looking around and noticed the Restrictions tabs was enabled(ON) and wrote it off to the jailbreak(i did the hr before) as I said I was a noob. Called ATT for pin to get PIN(4 numbers) to turn to off restrictions area(I tried 8 times and have 2 attempts left. Now keep...
  2. bckeefe2004

    Jailbreak My 3gs 5.0.1 ios/5.16

    Its a good thing I joined this place. I came here to fix my boot prob with my 4g, had this 3gs sitting around firvweeks and opened it for no other reason but to have a phone. Anyway came for fix,and honestly I was going to research about the 6.15 baseband until I read thread about the risks...
  3. bckeefe2004

    Hello from sunny FLA

    Came here bc i messed up my 4g. Received a reply to my thread w/in Marilina and fired up a new 3gs i never got around to opening after letting it sit around for 3 weeks due to the 4g. I have to say im loving this 3gs even better than the 4g(call me crazy) but Im a simple guy anyway. Planned...
  4. bckeefe2004

    PLEASE HELP! Iphone 4g wont boot after a JB/Unlock

    OK so I have iphone 4g ios4.0 baseband 01.59.00 I used the tutorial and made NO mistake in doing so. Long story short: The first thing i did was to go to itunes and back up the phone THEN I Used Jailbreak Me, slid the slider and before i knew it it had Installed Cydia(which tells me the...