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  1. iClyde


    Hiya's. Welcome to the funhouse.
  2. iClyde

    Nashville 'n' du howse . . . holla ! ! !

    Actually, I splurged on that fateful day in June and got the 8 gig version. I'm not usually the "band wagon" kind, but just so happened to be heading into a mall at 4pm that day. There were only 8 people in line (one couple that had spent the night), so it only took 2 hours to the purchase the...
  3. iClyde

    Nashville 'n' du howse . . . holla ! ! !

    Hey all . . . just making my entrance :p Long time iPhone user (stood in line for 1st gen), now waiting on an iPad2 that's on order. Saw this site on iPadforums, so I bounced over to see what you guys got going on. Bottom line: love the phone, can't do without it, stomach always...