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  1. iridehorses

    Problem with Contact Email Addresses

    Worked! Thanks - I was really annoyed about that but didn't think to post the problem here ... next time I'll know better. I did leave the calender switch on since it put in birthdays.
  2. iridehorses

    Won't hold password in email account - fix

    I finally got my white i5 on the 12th. Went through the backup and started to put in the passcodes for the 3 yahoo accounts I have. I was able to get 2 of them in but it would not hold the 3rd no matter what I did. I called Apple support and we spent over 2 hours trying all different fixes...
  3. iridehorses

    Should I Do This To My Black iPhone 5? Polished Aluminum Edge!

    Meanwhile, how do you remove the screen?
  4. iridehorses

    Upgrade? Maybe trade my Droid razr hd maxx in?

    I seriously doubt that they will allow both phones out at the same time without buying both. The best advice you got was to go to the carrier and play with them there.
  5. iridehorses

    Backed out of buying the iPhone 5.

    In keeping with my tradition ... it's time to move from the i4 to the i5. Unfortunately my computer blew the hard drive on Thursday so the money had to go to replace that and my spider webbed i4 has to wait for a bit. Never gave a white one a thought but I may think about it now ... hmmmm.
  6. iridehorses

    Iphone 5- reactions?

    I've got a spider webbed front screen and my i4's contract time is up so I'll be ordering. The biggest thing for me is the 4 LTE. Since I skipped over the 4s, the 5 is right in line with the way I've been buying iphones since the first one.
  7. iridehorses

    Virtual home button

    Can't find it.
  8. iridehorses

    Apple iPhone 5 Release Date Has To Come

    Just saw on the news that Apple will announce a product upgrade next Wednesday, Sept. 12th.
  9. iridehorses

    Nano sim for the iphone 5?

    Isn't that what we have in the i4 now?
  10. iridehorses

    iPhone5 will be launched. would you like to buy iphone 5?

    My IP4 has a cracked screen that happened in June this year. Instead of having it fixed, I'm waiting for the new model - so I'm a potential buyer when it comes out.
  11. iridehorses

    App for hard copy text messages

    I have to convert a series of text messages to hard copy for a law suit that I have to initiate. Is there an app for that or any other method?
  12. iridehorses

    navigation app - free

    I tried Skobbler several times and it works as long as you don't mind taking the long route to where you are going. What I went back to using was Gokivo It's an app that you can pay 2 ways. You can buy it for the year, or just the month you need it. ie, you may use it on September 12th but...
  13. iridehorses

    Alarm goes off at "wrong" time.

    Deleting and making a new one didn't work. All the old ones still work OK but editing or making a new one didn't work for me. I have one alarm that I need to go off at 7:00pm each night so I set it to go off at 8:00 and it goes off at 7:00 - that sucks.
  14. iridehorses

    Alarm goes off at "wrong" time.

    I've had my "4" for a few months now with no problems concerning the alarm. However, when I reset the time to go off at 7pm rather then 7:30, the alarm started going off at 6pm. Interesting.
  15. iridehorses

    Angry Birds Halloween Special Edition Out Tomorrow!

    I finished it the other day - looking forward to the new addition!
  16. iridehorses


    Aside from this forum, any way of knowing if a particular forum is on their list before purchasing?
  17. iridehorses

    Beep Me - The fastest ToDo app ever (+SALE)

    Great idea - you're right - why didn't I find this before? I've been using the calendar and it's such a hassle for simple reminders.
  18. iridehorses

    3 Questions

    I just checked under Settings - Messages, and I don't see a place to put a signature.
  19. iridehorses

    How would you rate AT&T's network?

    I live in the upstate of SC while son #2 lives in NYC. When the signal is good, the i4 is great but we are both experiencing a lot of dropped calls that just don't happen with other phones on the ATT network. I'll rate it a 6 1/2 - 7. I don't even bother with the web in these areas.
  20. iridehorses

    Not real happy with the OS4 series

    Double click the home button, then when the apps running in the background come up, just press one for a moment until an "X" in red appears on the app. Touch the X on the app you want to close.