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  1. iridehorses

    Won't hold password in email account - fix

    I finally got my white i5 on the 12th. Went through the backup and started to put in the passcodes for the 3 yahoo accounts I have. I was able to get 2 of them in but it would not hold the 3rd no matter what I did. I called Apple support and we spent over 2 hours trying all different fixes...
  2. iridehorses

    App for hard copy text messages

    I have to convert a series of text messages to hard copy for a law suit that I have to initiate. Is there an app for that or any other method?
  3. iridehorses


    I'm new to the forum but not to Apple of the iphone. I got my first Apple (a 2C) in 1984 and Gen 1 phone ~a month after release. I went through the 1 and into the 3G but missed the S - I went to the 4 instead. I'm currently in SC but born/raised in NY although I call Bucks Cty, PA my adoptive...