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  1. gray_mouse is dead?

    I can't figure out what's going on. First I thought it was a problem on my end but then I went and found online ping tool and appears to be dead. Can anyone confirm?
  2. gray_mouse

    Can't update iPhone 4 to iOS 6

    Hi. I've done the update to iOS 6 on my 3GS and it was all fine, then I went ahead and tried updating my factory unlocked iPhone 4 to iOS 6, I don't want a jail break, and basically iTunes does the following: 1. It downloads firmware, then 2. It displays this error "firmware file not...
  3. gray_mouse

    Shrinking Silicone Case

    Once you'd be going through your 2nd otterbox defender you'd boil yours too I guess What really does work when it comes to shrinking silicone?
  4. gray_mouse

    Bad battery life? Perhaps you don't even need a new battery!

    Just recently my battery life was about 8 hours on stand-by. I ordered a new battery from Amazon and tried replacing my old one, well, the phone didn't recognize it so I stuck my old battery back in. What you know, now - on my old battery - battery life is just like it used to be when phone...
  5. gray_mouse

    iPhone 4, 01.59.00 jailbreak

    Last time I jailbreaked was in May last year, a lot of time went by, you can say that I'm a noob now. My iPhone relies on software unlock via ultrasn0w. Modem firmware 01.59.00, and iOS version 4.3.2... I need to know which latest iOS version I can put on it and still keep my phone unlocked?
  6. gray_mouse

    Upgrading iOS, will contact photos be transfered?

    Question. Have 4.3.2 sn0wbreezed, want to go to latest (if untethered out). Have some bomb contact photos, girls in my car, home, etc. These are contact only photos, could not be found in Photos App or transferred to PC. If I upgrade and restore from iTunes will contact photos be transferred...
  7. gray_mouse

    OtterBox Defender loose your phone?

    You know how phone clips into defender belt clip? Well I'm wondering if carrying your phone like that could possibly make you loose it, i.e. belt clip stays on and phone falls, and you don't notice? Anyone lost their phone like that?
  8. gray_mouse

    PDF showing as a doc in iBooks

    This one MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service It also crashes iBooks Though it works fine on pc
  9. gray_mouse

    What's new in iOS 4.3.4?

    Wondering if it's worth going to 4.3.4. I'm on 4.3.2 by the way, said no to 4.3.3 after having issues with 3G connections.
  10. gray_mouse

    It vibrates and don't ring!

    I haven't done anything to the phone, perhaps I pressed something without realizing it. But it vibrates, and does not ring. What's going on?
  11. gray_mouse

    Which iPhone / iPad case?

    I want to invest into cases for my iphone 4 and ipad 1. I need something that protects real well. Thus far I'm looking at otterbox defender series. Minuses I've read in review about those is that case itself will scratch device, gotta put something in between there, and they heavy and bulky...
  12. gray_mouse

    Which iPhone / iPad case?

  13. gray_mouse

    How to display my iphone position on my website?

    Anyway to display on a map and on my website the position me and my iphone are at?
  14. gray_mouse

    App idea and request ! ! !

    A bad guy is calling you, there are threats of murder and beating your ass up. If you go to police they'd need a prove. If only you had a recording of conversation, then you could obtain a restraint warrant, and courts could prosecute the bad guy, and send him to where he belongs, jail...
  15. gray_mouse

    iBlacklist & mCleaner crash my iphone!

    Both iblacklist and mcleaner, latest versions, crash my iphone. Right after I take a call they just freeze my iphone and the only thing I can do is reboot home + power. I need a blacklist app, cuz I have a few gang members calling me and I want my phone to automatically hang up on them. Plus...
  16. gray_mouse

    Apple wants to turn off iPhone cameras

    Apple has been working on a plan that will allow concert halls, sporting arenas and other venues to install infrared sensors that will detect iPhones going into camera mode and promptly disable the device’s ability to snap a shot or film a video. Explicitly, the patent states that...
  17. gray_mouse

    Will there be another 4.x.x iOS prior to 5.x is release?

    Will Apple release another 4.x.x iOS or the next one they release will be version 5.x?
  18. gray_mouse

    Which one is better?

    Which one of these 6 logos is better? Untitled Document
  19. gray_mouse

    .htaccess redirect don't work with iPad/iPhone

    I have a redirect in my .htaccess which redirects to Redirect works fine on firefox and internet explorer and I bet other normal browsers and even Safari for PC and MAC. But when I visit on iPad or iPhone I don't get redirect. How to go around this?
  20. gray_mouse

    O symbol in place of E and 3G?

    Sometimes I get o where E (edge) and 3G goes. What that means.