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    So which method are users who have Verizon I backing up their contacts ?

    I know Verizon has a app called backup assistant and another one called backup assistant according to the app store the cloud one seems like the most popular. So is that what most users are using really ? All I want to do is backup my contacts that so when I get a new phone I can upload the...
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    So is there anything I can do to stop pop-ups/ad-verts on the internet ?

    I have a 5C with IOS 8 and when I browse the internet I'll get pop ups and advertising crap playing every so often probably using up my bandwidth too. I was thinking of maybe some app but I read this in another thread asking about a app to block pop-ups and advertising this is the answer that...
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    Is it normal for my eyes to be strained from using my 5C for like about 5 hours ?

    I got a new job and out of a 8 hour shift there's like about 5 hours of down time so I'll read and surf websites. I don't watch video's, I pretty much just read stuff. I'm kinda getting light/mild headaches and my eyes feel dry. Are these normal symptoms with the amount of time I'm using the...
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    Why does my phone chime twice whenever my wife sends me a text ?

    So I have a iPhone 5C with IOS 8. She has a LG-G2 android phone. Whenever she sends me a text I get two chimes in a row with a couple of seconds in-between each, it's annoying. Thanks
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    Is there a app of sorts like AD-Block for iPhones ?

    I use Firefox the add-on called AD-Block for my desktop windows and it works great in stopping ads & videos that play on websites. This is really annoying, I'll often get a home depot ads at the bottom of the screen and vidoes sometimes, I also get pop up ads to sometimes. I'm hoping theirs...
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    HI, I have three quick questions please.

    Hi and I'm excited to have my first iPhone. So I've had my iPhone for a a few days, I've setup a password for voice mail it basically ask me to when the first day. So when I miss a call it can go to voice mail. On my android phone it would ask me to enter a pass before I can listen to the...
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    So do most use Safari the browser ?

    I just got my first iPhone 5c with IOS 8 and coming from a LG2. Was wondering if Safari is what most iPhone users use and in plenty adequate ? On my LG2 I used Google maps all the time. Again the same question is the map app preinstalled on my new iPhone just as good as Google maps or at least...
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    HI, getting a iPhone for the first time & have some Q's ?

    I signed a two year contract with Verizon like 15 months ago and got a android phone it's was actually my first smart phone ever and it was a LG2. Anyway it broke and I feel like getting a iPhone but here's the thing though whatever phone I choose I'll have to pay the full price out of pocket...