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    Release of iGreekIslands - Skopelos HD (and PROMO CODES!)

    For any person considering the place of his summer vacation we have created "iGreekIslands - Skopelos HD". The application provides a 360 panoramic tour of the Greek island of Skopelos (the set for the "Mamma Mia!" movie). All panoramas are shot in HDR, coupled with info of the area. Here...
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    I'm Natasa and I am the owner of an iPhone 3g and an iPhone 4!
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    App that monitors your sleep to automatically turn off your music

    Look below for PROMO codes If you go to bed listening to your favorite music, or fall asleep to your favorite AudioBook or maybe to Pandora or some e-radio then "AutoSleep Music Timer" will be your best friend! This app will detect when you fall asleep and turn of the music when you...