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  1. P Releases Make Your Wish App for Free, Brazilian mobile solution developer, is releasing Make Your Wish, a Twitter-integrated application for iPhone and iPad. São Paulo, Brazil, December 17, 2010 – Developer behind products for iOS platform, like Apuracao2010 and iJuros, now brings Make Your Wish to...
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    Hello folks! We are, mobile solution devs from Brazil, BIG time iPhone enthusiasts!!! We´ll be promoting some of our apps in the forum soon! Hope you all like them! Feedback from all of you would be great, since you are the reason of our work. Thanks!
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    Wireless charging solution for iPhone 4 this holiday season?

    Wish we were HQed in Canada right now.. lol
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    White iPhone 4 Finally Arrived! Unboxing Inside!

    Looking forward to get (at least) a couple of them!