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    What are you doing right NOW??? ;)

    So sorry [emoji259]
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    Apple releases new iPhone SE

    I'm sure someone has pointed out, in addition to the camera, processor, wifi, etc. updates this is the only way to get Touch ID, and it comes in cool colors [emoji41]
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    Forum Game : Take a word, leave a word

    Revolving door
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    Mail app vulnerability on iPhone and iPad

    Went looking to see if iOS 12 is affected, found this [emoji22]
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    Your day in just 3 words

    Zombie movie, Real?
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    Sharing Options

    Are you using the little square with the pencil at the top right corner to get your list?
  7. zstairlessone

    Sharing Options

    You might turn off Active X on your PCs browser and see if the same thing stops working. Also can you screen shot where you select what to do with information and your choices?
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    photo from phone to desktop

    If you use iCloud you can install the app on your PC - no more cables
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    Sharing Options

    Does your bank use active X for document handling?
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    (Apple Map's) Siri silent while Amazon Music app running

    Big brother for another win [emoji15]
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    (Apple Map's) Siri silent while Amazon Music app running

    It's frustrating because they aren't the best coders or technicians and this spills over into their support department
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    iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Question

    I have an old 4S that still works and, if I put a SIM card in, makes calls - though I think it will come to pass that larger SIM cards will be hard, if not impossible, to find. It should last as long, or longer, than a flip phone as long as I am not playing baseball with it (I'm not sure if it...
  13. zstairlessone

    How to transfer mp3 from pc Win7 to iphone 6s

    In older versions of iTunes you could hook up your phone and drag .mp3 files to your iPhone to sync. On a PC you should still be able to do this.
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    Well, now it feels like summer down here [emoji13][emoji23]
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    need help after battery replacement

    I wonder if this is a statement about bosses, so many of them can't remember their passwords and end up with a bricked iPhone.
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    Latest OS versions - discussions

    TV OS turned off the ability to start the AppleTV by touching the slide. Wish Apple gave us the choice to keep it
  17. zstairlessone

    How Long Should Battery Last on a Full Charge

    When you aren't using your phone, go to settings and turn off the wifi and Bluetooth. Don't do it from the slide up/down (depending on your phone) screen - they will stay on but disconnect if you do that.
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