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  1. J

    Battery drain using iphone 4s

    I'm very impressed with the battery life. Wow..MUCH better than my HTC Hero.
  2. J

    iPhone 4S siri

    I'm getting "I'm sorry. I'm having trouble connecting to the network" a lot. Siri did set up dinner on my calender though.
  3. J

    Favorite Car Charger

    I just took a look at chargers on Amazon, and the reviews were horrible, on just about every one of them. What do you have that you're using?
  4. J

    Not Connecting With Wi-Fi

    I can't get my phone to connect with my home wi-fi. I'm using a Netgear WNDR 3400. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. J

    iPhone 4S Accessories

    Ok, I need a charger for the car. What is a good suggestion?
  6. J

    Which is the best iphone 4s case?

    Where did you get it?
  7. J

    The official I've pre-ordered my iPhone 4S Thread!

    About 5:30 Friday morning from Sprint!
  8. J


    Howdy all I'm giving up my 'droid and getting the iphone4s. It should be here next weekend and I'm looking forward to it joining the rest of my Apple family!
  9. J

    iphone 4s Case

    Hi! First time posting. My Sprint iphone 4s should be Friday or Saturday and I'd like to have a case ready when it gets here. A car charger too! I've been looking around and I see a lot of cases for the 4...but not the 4s. Will the 4 cases fit the 4s? Will the car chargers for the 4, work with...