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    Phonesuit Pouch

    I have a phonesuit battery case which adds some bulk to the iphone4. Looking to buy a leather belt pouch but can't locate one. Anyone use this case and able to find a pouch.
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    Strange Problem

    Have an ipad 3, jb'ed. Have had no problems since I jb. Tonight it froze. Did a hard reset and now the following has happened. I have lost the dock, which include my mail, cydia, settings and springtomize. Machine is stuck in portrait mode and the spacing of the icons is four across and three...
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    Home Button

    thanks everyone
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    What Would it Take to Get You to Buy New iPhone 5 ?

    profiles so I can dump my bb
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    cURL, pcre

    Cydia has notified me there are updates for these two apps from Cydia/Telesphoreo(networking) and Cydia/Telesphoreo(development). I never installed trhese nor does it show that they are installed. What are these and should I update?
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    Can't Reboot Tethered JB

    Thanks again. You were a great help.
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    Can't Reboot Tethered JB

    Zig, Wow. Thanks. Hit a stumbling block or two but have downgraded to 5.0.1 with cydia installed. Question is this an untehered jb? Thank you very much!!!!
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    Can't Reboot Tethered JB

    Hi Zig, I show 5.0.1 on the home page of cydia, yet when I save to tiny umbrella I see only the following, not sure how to proceed. iPhone4CDMA 4.2.10 (8E600) iPhone4CDMA 4.2.8 (8E401) iPhone4CDMA 4.2.9 (8E501) iPhone4CDMA 5.0 (9A334) iPhone4CDMA 5.0b1 (9A5220p) iPhone4CDMA 5.0b2 (9A5248d)...
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    Can't Reboot Tethered JB

    Zig, Thanks. Will give it a try.
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    Can't Reboot Tethered JB

    I had no choice due to circumstances but to upgrade to 5.1. The only way to JB was to have a tethered JB. Well now every time I need to reboot I constantly have the same issue. I shut the phone, connect the phone to my pc and it constantly cycles. It shows the spinning wheel, asks me to enter...
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    Cydia Battery Drain

    Thank you all. Have just gotten used to the battery drain. Had issues where I had to reboot and since I only have the tethered jailbreak have only kept a few "essential" tweaks. Hopefully the untethered break comes out soon.
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    Cydia Battery Drain

    I was having a serious battery drain issue and restored Iphone w/o jailbreaking. Had many apps and din't want to start taking out one by one so I started from scratch. For a week I used the phone stock and the battery performance was excellent but I missed the functionality of what I had...
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    Phone will not turn off

    Have the tethered 5.1 jail break. Wanted to do a hard reset since it has crashed a few times. Now iphone keeps cycling will not turn off. Everytime i shut it or try the hard reset it just keeps cycling.
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    Generic Wall Chargers

    Are generic wall chargers such as Rocket Fish and or Belkin OK to use with ipones and ipads. They advertise more power than the Apple products. Need to get 2 extra chargers for 2 work places, not sure if these will eventually harm the battery after a period of time.
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    So Frustrated Ready to Switch to Droid

    Thanks. I will get back to you shortly on your suggestions.
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    So Frustrated Ready to Switch to Droid

    I don't know what has happened but in the last 2 weeks my battery usage has been terrible. Today w/o using just hitting the home button to see the usage here is what I got with nothing running. I have a jailbroken verizon running 5.0.1. Have installed no new apps and taken out quite a few. Below...
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    One more question, can I just leave the file on the clipboard?
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    Hi zig, Thanks for the quick response. So I can move the file to the temp2 folder that I set up and if need be I can move it back if it is actually needed?
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    How do I move a file. I installed pdanet and saw that I am having issues with a hostapd. I have uninstalled pdanet but hostapd keeps running in circles and I get this every five seconds using Isyslog, (battery use plummets every time I go online) started hostapd...