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    Switch from att to verizon for IP5?

    I have been on AT&T since the Cingular days.. Never had a problem with signal, dropped calls etc.. Been happy with AT&T. Now looking at the coverage maps where I'm located/where my hometown is(moving back eventually) AT&T doesn't even have 4g let alone LTE.. Now looking at Verizon's maps and...
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    Purple haze on pics

    Hello. I plan on buying the 5 in a couple weeks and heard of the purple haze problem on photos with bright light shining on edge of pics. I saw headlines on this but then don't see much about it on the two iPhone forums I follow. So is this not as big of problem as it was made out to be? How...
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    Apps on multitasking bar

    Do the apps on the multitasking bar use data? Do they cause your battery to die quicker? Or are these apps just paused when on the multitasking bar? I just discovered this bar after FINALLY reading the manual. EVERY APP I ever used was on that bar.
  4. J

    Late night data use

    Is anyone else getting charged late night data use around 12:30-2 am? I am not using my phone then, plus i am on wifi.. I know when my phone is asleep it doesn't use wifi. but with all push notifications and stuff turned off... my phone is still using data while i sleep. It is also happening...
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    watch tv on the iphone 4??

    Sometimes I need to watch my favorite sports teams on websites such as Is this possible on the iphone 4? thanks, Jon
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    Comcast email question

    I set up my email and can check and send mail... but when i go to my inbox on my pc, my read messages on the Iphone are still showing up as new messages. Is there a setting to change this, or is this just the way it is? I searched and found some comcast email posts, but not really anything...
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    question about safari

    when i go to safari, it goes right to the page i was at last. does that mean it was running data in the background, or does it just save your last visit each time? do i have to actually exit it somehow other than the home button?
  8. J

    chip in brand new iphone

    Well, just got home with my new find a chip in the glass on the front edge...nice..just my buy better not even say i put it there in the 2 hours i have had it.. it went in my pocket when i left there, and was sat on my couch as i tried to figure out how to transfer contacts..
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    Griffin Elan Frame looks nice

    I have been looking for frame style bumpers for the iphone4 which i wont own yet til next weekend.. I think I finally found the nicest looking one. Griffin Continues Release of New Cases for iPhone 4 - Legit Reviews what does everyone think of this one?
  10. J

    opinions please

    I am looking to get a bumper style case. Options are: Apple Bumper Griffin Reveal frame(frame only,no back) Case mate hula What would everyone recommend? I know they are all similar cases so if you have experience with any, tell me your thoughts.. thanks..
  11. J

    Invisibleshield or not?

    I plan on getting a wrap around case for the Iphone. I have the invisible sheild on my samsung eternity, which i like it.. But, being that the screen is glass, how necessary is it to use invisibleshield? I am not one to put my phone in the same pocket as keys, change etc. I know people have...
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    Case mate hula

    I tried searching, but didn't find anything.. Does anyone have the case mate hula? or the griffin technologies frame? i like the look of these. Just wondering how everyone likes them if they have them.. Does dust collect under it and show through the clear part of it?
  13. J

    security enabled wifi ??

    I dont own an iphone yet. I am just wondering if you can save passwords to specific wifi's such as at my house, and my inlaws house and so on? I know when i try to use my laptop at my inlaws, its a PIA cause they never know the password and have to look for it everytime i want to sign on to...
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    calendar app

    my wife needs a calendar that schedules down to every 15 min. does iphone 4 have one like this or is there calendar apps available that can?
  15. J

    couple questions before buying

    First off, all you read about when comparing iphone to android is the lack of flash support on the iphone.. how much of a big deal is this to everyone when surfing the net? next, I use comcast email, is that compatible with the iphone 4? I really don't want to switch to gmail. I had other...
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    At&t guy bashes IPHONE4

    Just got back from checking out the 4. Att guy had NOTHING good to say whatsoever...completely bashed it and said the new samsung captivate was WAY better... what do you Iphone4 owners think of this? I am still in the deciding process of what phone i want...the captivate looks cheap and HUGE...
  17. J

    white iphone 4

    Anyone here know when the white one will be available?
  18. J


    I have been doing alot of reading on the new iphone.. I have seen the proximity issue of pushing mute and stuff while on a call. Also, about the antenna issue. These have me 2nd guessing on deciding to buy an Iphone 4. Is everyone experiencing these problems? Any of them fixed yet?
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    future Iphone 4 owner question

    Hey everyone. I am currently using a samsung eternity "dumbphone" with the 15 dollar/month unlimited data plan. I checked how much data I use and in the 2 years i have had that phone, I have never gone above 23MB a month. When I buy the I phone, would you reccommend the 200mb plan or the...