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    Help iphon5 grey colour comes up in the aljazeerasport channels

    hello guys I have serios problems on the iphone 5 which is im trying to watch aljazeerasport channels I download it from the app its a aljazeerasport channels for iphone 5 which im trying to watch the channels after few minutes I get grey colour in the channels I can put the screen shot her is...
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    Help cydia its hide from my iphone 5

    hello please I need help its been 3days cydia its hiden from my iphone 5 my iphone 5 its already jailbreake with evasion but the cydia is gonn from my iphone 5 I thing I installed something and the cydia its hide form my iphone is ther any way to bring back cydia im trying to do jailbreak again...
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    Help cydia is gonn from my iphone 5

    Hello please need help I have serios problem now I installed candy crush saga from cydia and know when the candy crush saga is installed on my iphone the iphone is restarted and cydia is gonn from my iphone 5 can someone tell me how to get back cydia from my iphone the cydia is gonn from my...
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    Help jailbreak iphone 5

    Hello please please I wanna know I have iphone 5 and the version is 6.1.4 is the jailbreak work for 6.1.4 ? is evasion work for 6.1.4 please if anyone knows tell me thanks
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    Help Fifa 13 iphone online problems

    Hello please please I need help i have fifa 13 on iphone 5 when i wanna play online when i go to the quick match online and its search for quick match after 60seconds searching its gives me this error message The connections between you and the opponent found is to weak due to poor wifi...
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    Help iphone jailbreak

    hello please please i need help i jailbreaked my iphone with absinthe but now i try to turn off the jailbreak now i turn off the jailbreak from cydia and now cydia its gonn from my iphone can anyone tell me how to turn on the jailbreak again i want the cydia come back on to my iphone i tryed to...
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    Help iphone 4 crash

    hello please please i need your help i have iphone for it was locked and i locked it from itunes now some message its came to me after the unlock its says something has been crashed and now i have a big problem in my iphone 4 everything i press its close by self when i press yahoo or games or...
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    Help Help everything i press in iphone 4 black screen comes

    please i need help my iphone have a problem everything i press its close by self when i press the yahoo or msn or any other games everything i press its comes black screen so when i press the yahoo in iphone 4 its come black screen please i need help