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    Custom iphone cases

    I'm thinking about getting a custom case from Zazzle. Has anyone here ever ordered stuff from them? The cases actually look pretty nice... I'm not very artistic, so I probably won't create one from scratch, but there are lots of designs on their page. Here's an example of one: What do you...
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    F1 2010! :d

    Oh man what a blunder by Ferrari with Alonso's pit strategy. He was in such great shape to win the world title this year but Ferrari's pit strategy didn't seem well planned out. They used to have great pit strategies too but didn't seem to deliver when it mattered. Too bad for Alonso...
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    Would you like to see the iPhone 4 on Verizon?

    I would love to see the iPhone on another network, Some areas I go to don't get the best reception from AT&T. This will also be a very smart move for Apple. Being available on more than just one carrier will boost their sales through the roof.
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    Will Verizon have the iPhone next year?

    If your going to be communicating mostly with people back home, then roaming is usually cheaper. But if you will be texting with people in the country you are in, it's of course cheaper to get a new sim from that country, but the iPhone from AT&T is locked and will only accept AT&t sim cards. It...
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    Will Verizon have the iPhone next year?

    It's found at a slot the side of the iPhone, you can use your AT&T sim in Europe if you contact AT&T and activate roaming services. The iPhone 4 is quadband so in theory you can use it on any continent.
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    What Phone are you upgrading from?

    it seems most people who have the new iPhone have had an older version of the iPhone before, but there seem to be more people who switched brands from other smart phones. I used to have a Nokia smart Phone before getting my iPhone 4.
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    Age of iphone 4 users here?

    I'm 25 and my iPhone 4 is my first iPhone. It seems user's age vary and from 19 - 45. There doesn't seem to be a big difference in the number of users. Credit Apple's great marketing campaign that targets the young and the not so young. :p
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    iOS 4.2 delayed?

    I'm really looking forward to this update. I hope they'd have all of the bugs of at least most of the major ones ironed out by the time they finally release it so that the delays would not be in vain.
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    Windows Phone 7 Beats iPhone 4 in Grill-Off!

    That was nuts!LOL! But seriously though that's what would happen if you leave a Phone on the Dashboard of your car on a hot day for more than a few minutes. That happened to my cousin's Motorola Droid when he absent mindedly placed it on the dash on a road trip to Vegas.
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    iPhone Insurance Review

    Wow thanks for this post! This is indeed useful especially since I've been looking for a good way get a fairly good insurance coverage on my phone. I agree that there is a lack of reviews on iPhone Insurance. Anyway good job and more power!
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    What cool ringtone have u got?

    My favorite ringtone is Blind Melon's No Rain. I also use Regina Spektor's Hotel song from time to time. Pearl Jam's Black is also good.
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    IMPROVED iphone 4?

    Yeah the iPhone 4 isn't too disappointing. I actually like the glass because it's pretty impossible to scratch unlike plastic. It's breakable but nothing a case a little care shouldn't take care of. Well maybe Apple could sell iPhones in more colors other than black so that my phone...
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    Will Verizon have the iPhone next year?

    Its a memory chip used by to store subscriber information. It allows you to change phones with out changing numbers.
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    Will Verizon have the iPhone next year?

    I think it will be a good move for Apple to have more than one carrier for the iPhone. It will make the phone more accessible and will further boost their sales.
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    What iPhone 4 model did you go with?

    I almost went for the 32GB black. But realized that Between my iPod, laptop and external HD, I did not have much use for a mobile device with so much so much storage space so I went with the 16GB instead.
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    Hasbro Brings 3D to the iPhone and iPod touch

    This is cool! Looks too much like a toy though... I'd still get one when it comes out. I hope there will enough quality content to keep it relevant for a long time. A lot of cool gadgets died out due to a lack of quality content. I hope that doesn't happen to this device.
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    The Horn Stand Makes Your iPhone 4 Louder!

    This looks great! I wonder how good the sound quality is though. But hey it's only 32 bucks right? I think I'll get one just for kicks. This thing looks okay and it wouldn't be using my iPhone batteries so that's good too. Could someone post about it's durability though? I'm a clutz so I'm...
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    Skyfire CEO Interview On CNN

    The Skyfire app is great! I was lucky enough to get it the first day and it really works well. It's great that I'm now able to get a lot of flashed based content to run on my iPhone 4! I hope the iPad version comes out soon as well!
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    White iPhone 4 Finally Arrived! Unboxing Inside!

    Wow a white IPhone Looks fantastic, I'm not sure if I want one though since I still like the sleek look of my black Iphone. But I see how unique it will be. I'm still weighing if it's really worth it. I think I'll stick with my black Iphone for a couple of months until I get tired of it then go...
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    Android Owners Want Your iPhone!

    Ah well I have an android phone and an Iphone (I got the android as a gift). And while both phones have their pros and cons, the android takes better pictures. Audio playback both phones are great.They weigh about the same and performance-wise both are reliable but I still use my Iphone more...