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  1. J

    Phone thinks headphones are plugged in

    Any idea why the phone would think the headphones are plugged in? I never even use the headphones
  2. J

    Poor reception, no service

    My IPhone 6 has been horrible with cell reception, the lastest update did nothing, restoring setting has done nothing. It drops more calls than it doesn't it seems. I tried talking with Verizon and they can't help they think it's the phone. Has anyone else on here having the same issues and did...
  3. J

    Battery issue

    I recently had the Genius Bar do a reset starting from scratch on my I phone 5, since then my battery won't make it 4 hours. I have had the 5 for a while so my typical battery was lasting me until 6-8 hrs before needing a charge but it would be down to 20% by then. I tried shutting stuff down...
  4. J

    Blue tooth issues

    I have a bose Bluetooth for my I 5 that works fine but once I get into my work truck that has a hands free setup I keep getting a message on my radio that the phone is trying to pair with it. I want to stop it from trying to pair with it as it keeps doing it every few minutes.
  5. J

    I phone 5 rebooting

    My phone keeps going to the white screen with the black apple in it. It only stays up for 15-20 seconds then goes back to my home screen. I have have had other issues that doing a reset solved but this is new since the reset. Is there anything else I can do or is a IOS glitch?
  6. J

    I phone 5 will not forward messages or a picture

    I know how to do it so thats not the issue. If I go though the motions to forward a text or to send a picture I can select the picture or text, select the person to send it to, then it just freezes and within a few seconds i can click to add text then when I try to send it just goes back to the...
  7. J

    sync numbers app , I phone 5 to Mac

    I have the numbers app on the i phone 5 and my mac. I can access the app from both places but when I add info in the field on my I phone it doesn't show up on the mac.
  8. J

    4s camera problem

    When I open the camera it opens fine and then when I hit the button to snap a picture it closes the camera and goes back to the home screen . This does not happen every time but close to it.
  9. J

    Limit data usage on family share plan

    I have 4 I phone 4s on a family share plan with the 6GB of total data. Can I limit how much data each phone is allowed to use per billing cycle?
  10. J

    favorite contact issue

    I have added a contact to my favorites and it is now listed 3 times in there. I have deleted it and each time I add it it goes in 3 times.