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    Lost phone question

    agreed it will go straight to voice mail if someone flung your sim aside and if it died from lack of juice in the battery. like mentioned it would be grand if your phone had find my phone on it
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    Question for very savvy, hi tech iPhone person.

    The iphone speed has always been pretty speedy from my experience. I've used blackberry phones before and iphones all except iphone 4. I now have a iphone 4s and agree with everyone else, that it is speedy and u an set it to refresh while on push notifications to refresh every 15 min or longer...
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    Iphone pre order madness

    Hi, as of today my phone is arriving tomorrow 10/27 before 3 pm via fedex.... 16gb white 4s.... Ordered 10/10
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    Iphone pre order madness

    Hi all, my order status now says pending shipment... anyone have experience with it saying that and shipping out and getting to you within days? my boyfriends phone like mentioned was ordered under 24 hours prior and it is shipped now.... grr....
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    Iphone pre order madness

    Today is day 14 well, tuesday ''today'' is day 15.... so far no progress really.... hope to see something!
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    Iphone pre order madness

    Are delivery times later or sooner than orders made out to the UK? sorry if its obvious lol i haven't the slightest idea on that....if it is about the same that makes my order on october 10 seem more hopeful and possible to arrive this coming week.... i hope! lol though mine is a 16 gb white so...
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    Iphone pre order madness

    i am so jealous of you guys! lol even though i did pre order mine three days after you lol......not by choice might i add.... i have no clue what to go by the 2 to 3 week estimate or 3 to 4 week...... my boyfriend told me that morning 14 plus days so i hope that is saturday is day 12...
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    Iphone pre order madness

    Sj, that sucks! so you originally ordered from ATT? i think it is pretty lame as heck that so many people are having to wait eternity for their phones. i figured they produce and ship them out all the time but i suppose not... i really hope mine shows itself this coming monday which will mark 2...
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    Iphone pre order madness

    hi again, i know none of you can tell me for sure but, here goes.... me and my bf ordered 16 gb iphone 4s's...he ordered his via ATT site on october 9th , while i pre ordered on the 10th at 6am PST.....he just got a email yesterday stating one was pending on shipment...and im guessing its his...
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    Iphone pre order madness

    Hey all :) sorry if this is more of a redundance but i am unsure if its a hopeless case. I pre ordered a iphone 4s on monday at 6am last week....the rep said 14 plus days...i HOPE the phone arrives sometime this week magically or at least by next week which would be 2 weeks or so after the...
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    Seriously, is an iPhone not in my future?

    that blows! and im in the same boat. Pre-ordered on Oct 10 early morning and am on back order status....I really am antsy feeling and want the phone to come now.....i looked on apples site and checked malls near me and their apple stores say unavailable for all models of iphone 4s...great...i...
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    It was BRUTAL, but my iPhone 4S is ordered!

    I wish i was one of the ones who ordered right when pre ordering was available....i ordered on monday so i have to wait a week or so more than the oct 14 people :( sucks ! post about how it is people!!! i am excited~
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    Currently using an iPhone 3G

    I think you should upgrade to a 4s. I have had the 3g before in the past and it is a huge leap of change from the 3g to the 4s. You would have a video camera and camera which by the way would be w a 8 mp camera with five lenses and flash and the great ability to crop pics and make them super...