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    awesome fun gaming website

    Play Fun Multiplayer Games Free At OMGPOP for those who've never tried omgpop gaming before, try's amazing... makes time flyyyyyy haha
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    To Jail Break Or Not to Jail Break

    That's correct. Tmobile does that too. It is worth jailbreaking if you travel a lot like I do but if you have access to wifi often and that's the only reason, then I'd say totally up to you
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    We May Have to Wait Until iPhone 6 for an LTE 4G iPhone

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I remember someone telling me the Verizon CEO promised LTE on the iPhone 5
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    Restoring 4.1

    You want to post a link where you found the instructions? In case anyone reads this and wants to do it...
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    Loose/Wiggly Home Button

    Exactly what I would do. With the money I paid I want to be completely satisfied with what I get. If theres a little problem I'd rather get it fixed than just live with it for the next God knows how long
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    Help me please

    Congrats! Best to search the forum for apps :)
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    One speaker working

    I was nervous about this at first too. Good thing I looked up a manual haha. Welcome to the iPhone :)
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    Phone to PC

    You have to plug your phone into the computer. I don't know if the question was specifically about wireless methods. I don't think it was so I was putting in my 2 cents about what I think is the easiest way :)
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    Complete Newbie To Apple Period

    Looks like you were helped pretty welcome! :)
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    Not really. Hasn't bricked on me yet and I've been jailbroken for about 5 months. Some apps I think that are must haves are: Sb settings Winterboard Quick SMS Multifl0w My3G Mywi Among many others. If you search this forum you'll find a whole new world of apps :)
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    Pictures sent to me are sideways

    You can't do anything just stock. You need to download an app. I use Photoshop but like gaz said, plenty of apps out there that do this
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    I suggest tom-tom. I haven't ever used a gps as good. Not even one with separate systems.
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    I way to maximize the potential of your iPhone without jailbreaking. Besides, once you jailbreak, it opens a whole new world and community up.
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    Voice Memo

    Voice memo is part of the group of apps that come with your phone. You didn't download it
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    Display is active during call ?puts on hold.

    If you want to just deal with it and you have a jailbroken phone you can download an app like call lock that locks your screen when you pick up a call
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    Verizon Wireless Will End Unlimited Data Plans for IPhone - Thoughts?

    I say, there goes Verizon acting all big and making fun of AT&T saying they can't handle the network overload lol. Verizon can't handle it either I guess.
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    Looking for a app to specifically DRAIN my BATTERY

    Playing gun bros always does the trick but why would you want to drain your battery?
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    New to forum

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    I got sick of waiting for the HTC Thunderbolts so....

    Haha welcome! I believe thunderbolt is coming out soon though...
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    3G Unrestrictor, Facebreak problem with Verizon iPhone

    Ok thank goodness. I was nervous writing thus cuz you're usually spot on and I was doubting myself aha