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    Just for laughs - ask SIRI

    "Which is the cheapest tablet" and watch her response!
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    Is there a way to eliminate certain areas........ I don't see them when I look for new threads? There are just some areas I am not interested in, and one in particular, "clogs up" my unread section. Thanks in advance.
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    Turning off certain areas??

    Is there a way to turn off certain areas that I am not interested in, or that do not pertain to me, such as "Verison" etc?
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    Everything is not syncing

    I just upgraded to Lion and noticed while the calendar and email between my 4S iPhone are syncing just fine - the address book is not. I have 536 entries on my iPhone but only 66 in my address book on the iMac. I must be missing something simple. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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    Question about Kindle on the iPhone 4S

    I cannot find any place on the Kindle app to go to the website and purchase/download new books, etc. Lately I have had to do it from my iMac and then sync it. Am I missing something?
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    Another noobi here

    Just switched from the Evo to the iPhone 4S. The Evo was alright but had a bad internal memory leak - required me to do a factory reset every 4 months. That was not acceptable for a "new" phone. LOVE the iPhone - but that should not be a surprise to me - I have used an iMac for the last 4+...
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    Unusual problem(?) with iTunes and my iPhone 4S

    I just purchased an iPhone 4S thru Sprint and I am in the process of setting it up. A few years ago I had a .mac address and that is listed as my ID on iTunes. I could not get that address back so I set up a new address at I got it set up thru iCloud ok but I need to add extra memory...