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    Traveller-AR Looking for Beta Testers

    Hi All, I just wanted to make a quick announcement about our upcoming game Traveller-AR. Traveller-AR brings a tabletop RPG that has been perfected over 30 years to the iPhone platform. Imagine a vast MMO Universe with over 140,000 star systems, over 800 tradable items and real playable...
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    New Reports Say that iPhone 5s are Already with Carriers for Testing

    Do you think it will be worth holding off on asking for an iPhone 4 in september, maybe ask for an iPhone 5 for Christmas?
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    Difference between iPhone 3G and iphone 3GS

    A lot of iPhone Games and Apps will work on the 3GS but not the 3G, it's a huge technological leap.
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    Should I return my iPhone?

    Sounds pretty normal lol!