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  1. CalifJewls

    Verizon iPhone Tips & Tricks

    This thread has been moved and stickied within the iPhone Help Forum. All of the Tips & Tricks have been tested on the Verizon iPhone 4! The thread is updated as new tips are discovered. Find it here: iPhone Tips & Tricks Includes Photos
  2. CalifJewls

    iPhone Tips & Tricks

    Kill a Running App:Double tap on your home button, press and hold a app, once the (-) symbol is shown, click on the (-) to close each app running in the background. If you use several apps daily, killing apps throughout the day will increase your battery life. Swipe to Delete:Swipe across...
  3. CalifJewls

    Did you order a 16GB or 32GB?

    Thought I would pass time while were all waiting impatiently for our iPhones to arrive.. Just curious who purchased the 16BG or the 32GB and why? I purchased the 16GB because I don't plan on using it for a lot of music and or video and didn't see spending the extra $100, I have an a 32GB iPod...