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    Just for laughs - ask SIRI

    Went back and did it again and this time it responded (correctly). It was good for a laugh.
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    Just for laughs - ask SIRI

    Mine replied: "There is only iPad"
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    Just for laughs - ask SIRI

    "Which is the cheapest tablet" and watch her response!
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    So mad at Apple..

    I am confused - why did you call Apple?? If my phone was stolen I would call my carrier to shut it off and not re-register it. Sorry about your loss!
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    is the iPhone4 more reliable than android?

    I have an Evo and found two problems (compared with the iPhone): 1) The Evo had a memory leak - about every 3-4 months I had to do a factory reset 2) Battery life is much better with the iPhone. With the Evo I had two extended batteries and swapped them out every day plus an occasional top off...
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    Iphone 4 outterbox

    Thanks iPhonz4 - great news!
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    Hi just got my new phone

    Welcome! I did it in reverse order - I have used Macs for the last 5 years and just got my first iPhone a couple of months ago. This is a great forum - good place to ask questions and learn.
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    How do you listen to music?

    Purchase from Amazon and iTunes. Listen via Google Music.
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    Don't ever connect your iPhone to a computer which it doesn't know....

    That is exactly why I started using Google Music.
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    How Siri almost got me killed!

    I like his post - a lot better then someone asking which color of iPhone should they buy (seriously!!?? you can't decide that on your own??) Lighten up - it brought a smile to my face.
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    Its not Karen its KARIN!

    Welcome! Great trade!
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    My iPhone 4 took a battery dive at Disney World

    Who is your provider? Reason I ask is because since Disney switched to Verizon those with AT&T and Sprint have a hard time getting a signal at Disney. If it was constantly looking for a signal that would drain your battery down.
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    Are you still having trouble with the antenna in iPhone 4?

    I have two areas near me where I regularly drop my signal as I drive thru them (using the 4S naked). If I have my Defender case on (outer part is rubber) I can drive thru the same area and have no problems.
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    The iPhone 4 Antenna broken down by an Antenna Engineer (Unbiased)

    I have noticed something: when I have my Defender installed I do not lose connections while traveling thru "normal dead spots." If the phone is naked I lost them every time. The outer rubber covering???
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    Iphone 4 outterbox

    Wow - that is a lot of risk (not to mention time) involved in your doing that! Thanks so much!
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    Iphone 4 outterbox

    I also have a defender but a question has arisen: two different employees at two different Apple stores have told me that Apple does not recommend the Otterbox line because while they do provide great coverage they also trap heat inside the phone and that can cause damage. Anyone have the...
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    Email account for iPhone4

    Just out of curiosity what carrier are you with?
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    I hate when people call

    Let me see if I understand this have a phone and you don't want people to call you?? Hmmmmmm
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    Hello from a former Droid user!

    Welcome! I came from the Evo and I do not miss it at all.