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  1. CalifJewls

    what do you use?

    I used to use Tapatalk for this forum, but I prefer the new App!!!
  2. CalifJewls

    Ghost in the Phone after screen replacement and coffee spill

    Time for a replacement? Liquid and electronics, not a happy match...
  3. CalifJewls

    Calender entries more than 3 months old disappearing

    Connect your iPhone to your computer, within iTunes highlight your device in left hand column, click "info" next to summary, scroll down to "sync iCal calendars", you will see a checkbox labeled "do not sync events older than ____days... Check or uncheck or choose the amount of days.. Of...
  4. CalifJewls

    Keypad clicks is too slow.

    I'm confused by your title and question, so I'll answer them both.. You can't make them tap faster, your fingers control that, it will type as fast as your can tap. Your keyboard click volume is controlled by your volume control..turn volume up it's louder, turn volume down and it lowers
  5. CalifJewls

    Reorder or Sort Favorites List

    Your welcome!
  6. CalifJewls

    So, Verizon won't let me get ip4 with early upgrade.

    Awesome! I knew it was worth another phone call! I never get anywhere in the actual store, but they always work with me on phone...enjoy! Your going to love it!
  7. CalifJewls

    Reorder or Sort Favorites List

    If your talking about your favorites under "phone" aka speed dial numbers....Go to your favorites, tap edit, then hold and slide your finger over the lines in the right hand column, set the order as you like, tap done..
  8. CalifJewls

    change sounds

    You can only change the ringtone and text tone on the iPhone 4, go to settings>sounds...
  9. CalifJewls

    So you switched from Android to iPhone. Are you happy?

    Left my Android behind and won't ever look back, as another poster said, Android who, wha? Apps are superior to Android apps along with everything else the iPhone offers... Love having a phone that works exactly as it should! There were times I couldn't even answer a call on my Droid, it just...
  10. CalifJewls

    So, Verizon won't let me get ip4 with early upgrade.

    You know it's always worth another phone call to Verizon, explain your story again as you just did, explain how you love their service, bla, bla, if that rep says no, ask to escalate call to supervisor, because they have more power, tell them you understand you'll have to pay the $20 early...
  11. CalifJewls

    make keyboard disappear

    This is the easiest way and the way I do it!
  12. CalifJewls

    The missing led notification light

    No way! My cell phone is always my emergency phone at night, kids call it in case of emergency because they know its there by my bedside..its programmed into their cell phones, kinda like a Batphone..or Batsignal? lol
  13. CalifJewls

    Hotmail on iphone 4

    You need to go to your settings in hotmail, Im guessing or Google it, and retrieve the incoming and outgoing settings..and manually enter this information into your iphone..
  14. CalifJewls

    The missing led notification light

    I do NOT miss it at all, it was extremely annoying at night, flashing next to my bed in a dark room, I would have turned it face down, except it always had to be in the charging dock, battery life was awful, I miss nothing about my BB or Android phones..
  15. CalifJewls


    Go to settings, scroll to "messages" be sure MMS Messaging is on..
  16. CalifJewls

    email problems

    Go back and review all your settings, go to settings>mail, contacts, calendar...
  17. CalifJewls

    Is it "too late" to get an iPhone 4

    Yes, if that's a feature your going to use. You don't have to add it..
  18. CalifJewls

    Is it "too late" to get an iPhone 4

    This is a great phone, there was no way I was waiting for the next iPhone, were still not even sure about when the iPhone 5 will be launched on Verizon, lots of assumptions and rumors.. As Yak just said, were not even sure how revolutionary the next iPhone will be, in other words will it be...
  19. CalifJewls

    How do I change voicemail number? Help PLZ

    I suggest calling your service provider..