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  1. dunni1

    Faster Siri?

    Anyone think our iOS will be able to compete with the speeds of the google system ???? Seems like the iOS was first now we're lagging behind!
  2. dunni1

    Aero tweak not working

    Anyone with a i5 who has this Aero tweak working?
  3. dunni1

    Iwatch ???

    Anybody else think this is coming soon? I have a nano that is nice as a watch, but a complete package watch that does all the extras would be excellent!!!
  4. dunni1

    Wi-fi won't reconnect after 6.0.2 update

    Regular wifi networks that I usually automatically connect to will not auto connect any more after I installed my 6.0.2 update yesterday. Any one else having this issue?
  5. dunni1

    Name your favorite feature or iphone app!!

    This is beautiful I can turn over in bed on those cold winter days and tap a start button!! Unlike my old key fab where I had to go halfway out my front door to make it reach that 40-50 foot range! Now LIFE is great, and that is a old 1989 Cadillac !!
  6. dunni1

    Cnet app won't play sound on videos on my iphone 5

    Any ideas?