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    awesome fun gaming website

    Play Fun Multiplayer Games Free At OMGPOP for those who've never tried omgpop gaming before, try's amazing... makes time flyyyyyy haha
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    Include carrier in profile?

    Whenever people post on the forum now, the first thing i'm always curious of is does this person have an at&t or verizon iphone? Don't you think under the username, with all the other info, information about whether the person is subscribed under verizon or at&t should be included?
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    AT&T service in Kauai, Hawaii

    I'm going to Kauai for my honeymoon in may. My fiancee and I both have iPhone 4 with AT&T. What should I be expecting for data and voice service around there? Anybody?
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    For those who forget easily

    For those who forget easily or just simply have so much to do throughout the day, try the app Reminders! Best task checklist app I've ever used. Ever. Let me know what you all think
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    Can't change alarm sound

    Whenever I try to change the sound for my alarm, the whole clock program crashes. Any thoughts? running gp jailbroken iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2.1.
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    Forum rankings

    I realized my forum ranking changes (I'm guessing) depending on how many posts I have. Does each rank have different benefits? And is there a list somewhere that shows how many posts are required to be "promoted"?
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    Have SMS's read to you

    Are there any apps that read your SMS messages to you out loud?
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    hi guys!

    hey guys, just posting in here because it was recommended. my name is john yoon and i'm a pastor in ny (little neck, queens to be more specific)! :D my fiancee bought me an iphone 4 for my birthday in september (we're getting married in may in case anybody has any good suggestions for...