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  1. teisen17

    Question here

    So I have an iphone 5s and my plan is on verizon which I bought at Apple. If I wanted to give my friend this phone but they have AT&T, does it transfer that way if they set it up as their own phone? I would love to know..
  2. teisen17

    Help! Deleted contacts.

    So I'm casually checking a text message that I had received and it the name of the person wasn't synced in with the number. I have no contacts left. Is this a virus? Can someone tell me how to back up my phone with only backing up the contacts? Thanks! Much appreciated.
  3. teisen17

    Iphone 6?

    Are the leaks about the iphone 6 true or is it just a prediction of what it might look like?
  4. teisen17

    Selling Advice!!

    Hey guys so I'm looking to sell both my iPhone 4S and my iPod touch 4th generation. Both of them are white. The iphone has 2 small cracks on the back but it doesn't affect the camera one bit. The iPod touch is used but in working condition with no cracks just scratches. I'm planning to sell both...
  5. teisen17

    Anyone in Phoenix or Scottsdale, Arizona

    Hey anyone in this area know of a cheap place to get your phone screen fixed. Also, it has to be the real iphone glass so it doesn't void the warranty.
  6. teisen17

    Not Adding Music

    Is there a reason why when I add my music to my phone it doesn't show up onto my phone? I have the IOS 7 update. I tried restarting everything. Thanks in advance.
  7. teisen17

    Erased Contacts

    I deleted one of my email accounts on my phone and it erased almost all of my contacts. Is there a way to get the names back into the assigned contacts without typing in everybody's name? I tried re-adding the email account but it didn't sync up the contacts with the names.
  8. teisen17

    Slower to load Apps

    Is it just me or is downloading apps a slower process than it was with the previous iOS update? I just feel like it takes much longer to download. With or without wifi on.
  9. teisen17

    Screenmotion wallpapers ios7 help!

    Okay so the "screen motion wallpapers" is the name of the app and I can't seem to set any of them as my wallpaper because it says I have to go to the settings app and allow it to set as my background but it's not showing up anywhere. Help? Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  10. teisen17

    Moving Background?

    The new update has a feature that moves your background and icons slightly when you tilt it up and down. Is there an effective point for this or is it just something they thought would be cool?
  11. teisen17

    Iphone 5 date of release at Verizon

    Hey does anyone know when the iPhone comes out to verizon stores? I am eager to buy one. ******I apologize if this question has been asked. I could find it anywhere.******
  12. teisen17

    Rock Fans Only

    I need some new songs for itunes and I'm a rock fan so I want to listen and buy some new ones. Post your favorite rock songs of all time!
  13. teisen17

    Iphone 4s uprgade to ios7

    Is there a way to upgrade to the ios7 on the iPhone 4S without deleting everything on my iPhone to create the maximum storage needed for the update?
  14. teisen17

    Problem with Backing Up

    So I have been trying and trying to sync my iPhone 4s and have it back up onto my MacBook Air and everytime I do it says it syncs but then when I log back onto iTunes it says my iPhone has never been backed up to this computer. It used to be fine but now all of the sudden it doesn't seem to...