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  1. Dustoff01

    iPhone 4S and app Icons

    Hello all. My problem is this: I cannot delete screen icons for unwanted apps. Somehow, the black circle containing the delete X is missing from the top left corner of all icons when all icons are "jiggling". I have done an extensive search and cannot locate someone else with this same problem...
  2. Dustoff01

    iOS 5.1 and Photo Delete

    I recently had to do a restore on my 4s phone after upgrading to OS to 5.1 Since doing the restore, I can no longer delete photos either in the standard Camera app or using Camera+ app. I anyone has any ideas as to how I can recover the ability to delete photos, please advise. Note: I did a...
  3. Dustoff01

    New here

    Hello. I'm a new member here and am looking to becoming more familiar with this new iPhone 4S. I just got rid of my 2nd Blackberry in the hopes that Apple will do things right. Great phone, but REALLY different from using a BB (for me, anyway).