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  1. Del

    Syncing JB iPhone 4

    I recently had to reformat my laptop and when I got her up and running again I downloaded iTunes. It is asking me to sync my iPhone before I can add a ringtone. If I sync will I lose my jailbreak?
  2. Del

    Facetime option gone

    Hey everyone So I went to FaceTime earlier today and it wouldn't work. I pulled up my contacts list and SMS app and call log to see if I could find a way to get it to work. Anyone have an idea? Sent from my iPhone using
  3. Del

    3 ipod classics for a touch?

    I know this is an iPhone forum but would anyone trade 3 classic iPods for an iPod touch 4th gen 32gig? The game stop around the corner has refurbished iPods now and is offering me just about enough to cover the cost of the touch. Would it be worth it if I already have an iPhone? Sent from my...
  4. Del

    Ifile not working???

    I downloaded the update the other day and now iFile starts to open and then closes. Every time it makes it either further into the program or closes right away. Is anyone else having an issue with it? Sent from my iPhone using
  5. Del

    modmyi repo?

    Since I just did the untethered JB I cannot get the modmyi repo to work. Does anyone have any idea whats going on?
  6. Del

    Jailbreaking from one laptop and tethered booting from another.

    Ive noticed that since I jailbroke my iPhone on one computer that I can not just tethered boot it from another. Am I doing something wrong? I copied the whole torrent file from the other computer onto a geek stick and moved it over to another laptop. When I go to just boot it gets to the...
  7. Del

    Music after Jailbreak?

    So can I still put music on my iPhone 4 now that its jailbroken?
  8. Del

    BiteSMS not working?

    I just downloaded biteSMS from Cydia and went to open it and it popped up and then closed so I did a tethered reboot and still no luck. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. Del

    iOS 5 JB wont reload after tweak download.

    Whenever I download a tweak or something from cydia and it says restart springboard it just goes to a loading screen and cydia is useless until I do a tethered boot. What am I doing wrong? I think I am just dumbing it up.
  10. Del

    Theme wallpapers

    Downloaded the dark pwn theme for my iPhone 4. Is there any way to get rid of the wallpaper that comes with it? I like the red and all I just want to use something else. All the other tweaks are awesome and just what I like. Sent from my iPhone using
  11. Del

    Changing Carrier name?

    Is there an app that I can use to change the carrier name? Im running an iPhone 4 w/ ios 5 Jailbroken with redsn0w.