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    iPhone Sync n Backup failing

    Off late, i have been having issues with synch n backup (the first process that takes place when the phone is connected to the PC and when itunes is opened). In spite of successful synch n backup, my itunes detects my phone as a new phone and goes for "setting up as a new phone" or restoring...
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    Phone Backup

    How do i backup the iphone settings and content before i do a synchronize? Nokia has got something like total back up, where by u can select the fields to be backed up and it gets consolidated into a file?
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    Speaker Issue

    the iphone4 has got two speaker outlets, but recently i noticed in mine that sound only comes through the right side one, and the left one is feeble or like a dummy. how do i resolve this? are there any options to switch on/off the left/right speakers which i could have missed out on?
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    Iphone Synchronising on itunes

    I always find a problem when i synchronise my iphone/ipod with any PC, most of the times i am warned that i would loose my data if i proceed. on the contrary unless i enable sync, i wouldnt be able to add multimedia files from the PC or retrieve the ones from my phone. whats the way out?