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  1. Dustoff01

    iPhone 4S and app Icons

    Mickey, THANKS!! You solved my problem! Somehow, I was in Restrictions, mucking around and disabled deleting apps. I never would have found this! Thanks again,I appreciate your help!!
  2. Dustoff01

    iPhone 4S and app Icons

    Hello all. My problem is this: I cannot delete screen icons for unwanted apps. Somehow, the black circle containing the delete X is missing from the top left corner of all icons when all icons are "jiggling". I have done an extensive search and cannot locate someone else with this same problem...
  3. Dustoff01

    Google Announces Priority Inbox for Gmail for Mobile

    Maura, Will this assist me in having my PC take priority over my iPhone 4S when receiving mail?(other than totally deleting my mail accounts from my phone) All my mail is currently set at POP settings. I'm getting mail on my phone that I would rather receive and save on my PC. Any assistance...
  4. Dustoff01

    iOS 5.1 and Photo Delete

    Thanks for the reply. Maybe I'll try the iPhoto app and alleviate a lot of headache. Seems a lot easier than sync-unsync etc.
  5. Dustoff01

    iOS 5.1 and Photo Delete

    I recently had to do a restore on my 4s phone after upgrading to OS to 5.1 Since doing the restore, I can no longer delete photos either in the standard Camera app or using Camera+ app. I anyone has any ideas as to how I can recover the ability to delete photos, please advise. Note: I did a...
  6. Dustoff01

    New here

    Hello. I'm a new member here and am looking to becoming more familiar with this new iPhone 4S. I just got rid of my 2nd Blackberry in the hopes that Apple will do things right. Great phone, but REALLY different from using a BB (for me, anyway).