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  1. Claire101

    Got a SELFIE STICK for my iPhone 6!!!

    Had my iPhone 6 last week and since I want to explore its camera, I also purchased a selfie stick pro for it. I am not trying to promote or brag about the selfie stick I purchased from wallmart but I decided to post it here as I have noticed a number of forum users asking about selfie stick of...
  2. Claire101

    Iphone Collapse When I send Photos On FB

    I am using iPhone 4s for more than one year now and lately I noticed that when i send photos through FB, my iphone suddenly collapsed for no reason at all. Why is that then? Is there any way I could sort it out?
  3. Claire101

    Sim card case is Missing

    The simcard case of my iphone 4 is missing, can I still insert my sim on it without using any simcard case? If I buy a simcard case, how would it cost me and where I can buy it?
  4. Claire101

    iPhone 5c

    Hi there guys! I want to know if iPhone 5c is available in Asia now. Any updates? Thank you.
  5. Claire101


    Hi Everyone! Can I still use facetime even if I don't have enough credit on my phone and wifi isn't available? Please let me know. Thanks.
  6. Claire101

    Assistive Touch

    Is assistive touch really useful? Will it not cause any minor issue on how the home button works? Please let me know.
  7. Claire101

    Universal Hand Strap - Should I Buy One?

    Hi! I was browsing online and saw this universal hand strap. I want to buy it but I am afraid it might cause some scratch at the back side of my iPhone when I put it. Any suggestion please?
  8. Claire101


    Hi There! This is Claire and I am a newbie here. :)