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  1. MrBenchMark

    Assigning Ringtones/Text Tones

    I was wanting to know if there's a way to assign the same ring tone/text tone to multiple contacts at the same time.
  2. MrBenchMark

    iPhone's Version of Droid's App "SemiSilent"...

    When I initially tried the Droid X on for size before ultimately going to the iPhone 4 (currently have the iPhone 4S), there was this neat little app that worked wonderfully called SemiSilent that basically used your contact list, and at any give time with a touch of a finger choose who would be...
  3. MrBenchMark

    Jailbroken Verizon iPhone Version 4.2.8

    Currently I have a jailbroken Verizon iPhone v4.2.8 and have considered upgrading it to the new iOS 5. Now I've read a few things regarding any jailbreaks out there for the iOS 5 and have read how there's some out there but only tethered (correct me if I'm wrong). First question: Since mine is...
  4. MrBenchMark

    Ring Tones...

    I have Bite SMS and I'm able to assign custom ring tones to people which is great! My question goes along the lines of why is it that some ring tones have more volume than others? Personally I believe they're all created equally, but some are just louder than others; some even when the volume...
  5. MrBenchMark


    Maybe it's just my imagination but for some reason I remember doing something within my iPhone 4 and being able to see what date a specific picture was taken along with the time, etc. but I can't remember how I did it. Anyone know?
  6. MrBenchMark

    Make It Mine?

    I got this app a little while ago and tried it, but it didn't work. I tried using both the carrier and the banner, but neither worked. Anyone have problems like this and/or have a resolution?
  7. MrBenchMark

    Password Protected Folders...?

    This is my second post for the same subject because for some reason the first one's not there any more. I was wanting to know if there's an app you can get to where you can password protect a folder or folder(s) on your iPhone. Thanks ahead of time for any help!
  8. MrBenchMark

    SpringBoard Crashing...?

    Just now encountered my first problem after jailbreaking my phone. Earlier today I made a phone call (I don't make too many or receive many) and as I pushed "end" to end the call, the screen just sat there and froze. I stared at it for a few moments thinking it would go back to normal like it...
  9. MrBenchMark

    iPhone 4 Cydia Themes

    I'm getting confused about themes. The reason being is for example Glasklart themes. There are so many with the Glasklart name and I may pick one (that I think will work) and when I try it, my them stays the same. So I am inclined to think that maybe I have to have a "main" Glasklart theme in...
  10. MrBenchMark

    BiteSMS (Assigning Ringtones)

    Not certain why I don't see it, but within BiteSMS where am I able to assign specific customized ring tones to a contact? If I go to BiteSMS, then go to Settings>Ringtones, it says in order... Take Control On/Off Default (which means what default ringtone I want to have if one isn't assigned...
  11. MrBenchMark

    Creating Ring Tones

    I was successful in creating a customized ring tone from a song as well as converting it from its original mp3 format to the m4r format and it being under the "Ring Tone" tab on iTunes for my iPhone, BUT that was a few weeks ago and I only did it once. So now, I'm at a loss in trying to remember...
  12. MrBenchMark

    RE: Infinifolders

    Is it just me or after I installed Infinifolders did the lettering (description) below each icon get more dim or it's not as white?
  13. MrBenchMark

    Searching within Cydia

    I just jailbroke my iPhone and was curious as to how you search within Cydia for an app by name.
  14. MrBenchMark

    Ending Phone Calls...

    Is pressing "end" the only way to end a phone call? I thought you could just press the "home" button and it would end the call.
  15. MrBenchMark

    Email Mailboxes and Syncing

    I am curious as to how I can directly sync my email that's on my iPhone with the email that's on my iMac. I do subscribe to MobileMe, so I am surprised it doesn't. I just recently found out that the emails I delete on my iPhone (and I assume vice versa) don't delete on my iMac back at home. I...
  16. MrBenchMark

    Email Attachments

    I just came across something I haven't tried to do yet since I am a fairly new iPhone owner. Are you able to reply or compose an email and attach a picture, video, etc? The reason I ask is because someone wrote me an email and I was going to reply and attach a picture, but I couldn't see...
  17. MrBenchMark

    Thinking about throwing in the towel...

    I purchased an iPhone 4 from Verizon (v 4.2.8) several weeks ago and almost immediately was very curious about the whole jailbreaking thing. I read and read and am still reading about how to accomplish this and it seems (unless I am wrong) every person that writes a thread about "how to do it"...
  18. MrBenchMark

    Verizon iPhone 4 (v 4.2.8), Need Help Jailbreaking

    Hello, to some of you this might be a repeat because I have asked questions regarding this on a different forum and haven't received any direction for one reason or another. I have to admit though, I didn't notice there was a form with the title "iPhone 4 Hacking". So maybe by posting it here, I...
  19. MrBenchMark

    SMS Text

    First of all, my phone isn't jailbroken yet. My question is, after receiving a text message and reviewing it, how can you make the keyboard disappear so you can view the entire text message as well as prior message sent instead of looking through the tiny gap between the top of the keyboard...