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    Location Of iPhone 4 4.2 SMS ringtones....

    Anybody know what folder there in so I can add some new SMS tones?
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    Cydget for iOS4

    Anybody know if there going to be updating this? I wanna get Element to work for my lockscreen but Cydget keeps crashing every time I try to change the settings.....
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    Cydia Clean Up?

    I don't know if this was ever posted cause im new here, But is there anyway to clean up cydia from bad or old repo's? I already deleted them from the sources list but I still get error at Cydia start up like these Fixed! 1. SSH into your iPhone/iPod, hopefully you know how to do that. 2. Go...
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    New To The Site

    Just here for updates for the 2nd love of my life......My iPhone4 Lol :iphone4vert: