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    Can I jailbreak my 4s on 6.1.3 or...

    do I need to go back to 6.0 or 6.1? I don't want to risk jailbreaking it until I know for sure. I had mine jailbroken but I really just wanted to update it but now I regret it because not having it jailbroken is already annoying me. Sorry if this is a repetitive question but I looked and can't...
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    Do you think it's worth waiting to update to ios6 until a jailbreak is available?

    I'm currently trying to decide if I want to update my iPhone 4S iOS6 now or wait until there's a jailbreak available for it. I don't mind waiting if it's only going to be another month but if it gets much longer than that (for tethered, I know it takes longer to get untethered) then I might just...
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    Is there an app for this?

    Basically I just spent the past hour and a half fixing all my iTunes music tags so they would appear on my iPhone better. Well, on iTunes all the artists are listed however on my phone some of the artists are "untitled" even though they clearly have the artists name in iTunes. I deleted the ones...
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    Safari crashes immediately, help please?

    I know it's not related to jailbreaking because it was working for a while.. then last night I installed a bunch of apps from cydia and now Safari crashes immediately after opening it. Any help is appreciated.
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    Just jailbroke iphone 4 5.1 again..

    I did a tethered jailbreak on my iphone 4 about a month or two ago and everything was working great, then earlier today my phone died and once I charged it and turned it back on, obviously I had to rejailbreak it. Well I did and now while the theme I was using was still there, the icons are...
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    Can't get rid of Page 0 icons after downloading a theme.

    Ok so a while ago I downloaded this theme from cydia for my iphone (forgot which one) and it gave me 6 annoying icons on my springboard that say "Page 0" with an arrow. I can't delete them and they're starting to irritate me, they don't even do anything when you click on them. Anyone know how to...
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    Made the mistake of updating to 5.1, want to downgrade to 5.0 for untethered JB.

    Hi everyone. I previously had my iphone 4 untethered jailbroken but I stupidly updated it to 5.1 and now I can only tether jailbreak it and it's getting really annoying. I know there's a way to downgrade your ios but I can't seem to figure out how to get 5.0 back. I tried one method I saw using...
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    How can I jailbreak my iPhone 4 5.0?

    I have an iPhone 4 version 5.0 with AT&T and am wanting to jailbreak it. I'm scared I will mess up doing this and am looking for good detailed instructions on how to do it, thank you.
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    Issues with Otterbox Defender Series, looking for a new case.

    I've had my Otterbox case for every iPhone I've owned, and never had an issue until I got it for my iPhone 4. Overall I love the case and it works very well to protect my phone, however it blocks the sensor that turns the screen off when I put the phone to my ear, causing me to hit mute, end...