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  1. iRich

    iMessage is acting up again

    It's getting really irritating now. Since I restored my phone iMessage didn't still "Verify my number", I have no problem using my email for iMessage but my number doesn't have a check on it like It does on my email. It's just greyed out. I can't click it. I tried restarting, turning iMessage...
  2. iRich

    Happy mothers day!

    Happy Mother's Day :)
  3. iRich

    Where are the iPhone 5 water indicators located?

    I know theres one inside the sim tray but where else is it confirmed to be? Headphone jack? If so how does it look so i can see it?
  4. iRich

    Can't believe my iPhone 5 got water damaged so quick!

    I have a decent case on my iPhone 5, I didn't drop it in water, soak it in water or anything. Like always I wake up in the morning and head to the bathroom with my phone in my hand. Set it down next to me while I brush, same old routine everyday. No water splashed onto my iPhone screen but when...
  5. iRich

    Thanks Imessage!

    Another great reason why iPhone can be helpful in such situations. Glad to hear she's okay!
  6. iRich

    Looking for Site to Sell iPhone 5

    eBay or forums around your area.
  7. iRich

    iPhone 5 has a mind of its own?

    I got this iPhone 5 on the day of launch. But I think I just found out the problem. It could be the headphones cause I just tried my brothers iPhone 5 headphones and now my iPhone stopped skipping songs and stuff. I'm going to have to get my headphones replaced.
  8. iRich

    iPhone 5 has a mind of its own?

    I just tried that and right when I turned on the phone. Music started playing and fast forwarding again. By any chance do you think it could be the headphones? Cause the headphones can actually activate Siri and fast forward and skip songs. (iPhone 5 headphones) I'll try switching my...
  9. iRich

    iPhone 5 has a mind of its own?

    No I will try that. Having doubts since a simple restart didn't work but I'll still give it a try.
  10. iRich

    iPhone 5 has a mind of its own?

    I just recently through out the whole day experienced my iPhone doing its own thing. When I'm listening to music, it randomly pauses, starts again, skips songs and fast forwards. And that's not all. Sometimes it even turns on Siri. It does this when I'm not using the phone and it's on standby...
  11. iRich

    iMessage stuck on "Waiting for activation"

    Stuck on waiting for activation it been like this for awhile now and I can't use iMessage or anything. Any solutions?
  12. iRich

    What do you do with your old iPhone?

    Sold it right away. 😁
  13. iRich

    iPhone 5 battery life is horrible.

    My iPhone 4S lasts longer than the iPhone 5. Anyone else experiencing this?
  14. iRich

    Is there a actualy untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.0?

    I have the iPhone 5 and I'm just wondering if there's an actual jailbreak released yet for iOS 6.0
  15. iRich

    Cracked iphone5 screen

    You should have warranty. That's if they will cover this..
  16. iRich

    Apps take forever to download

    Takes an instant for me whether its over wifi or LTE.
  17. iRich

    iPhone 5 "scuff gate"

    How would I avoid getting scuffs on the very side of the iPhone? I already bought a case and just on the top and bottom part, it doesn't cover the side part where it seems to get scratched often. Is there a way I can avoid it? Or is it bound to happen.
  18. iRich

    Horrible battery life

    Well I never got a chance to charge the phone to 100% and drain it out since i got it. I'll try that out. The funny thing is I think this does have to do with battery readings being accurate or not, because when ever I hit 20% to get to 10% it takes at least 30 minutes of use. Also If I...
  19. iRich

    Horrible battery life

    Is it just me or the battery life is horrible? I mean this is my 4th time charging my phone to about 70-80% through out the day since morning. It gets really frustrating when I head out with 80% and hours later check to see myself at 60% Hope