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  1. Harshmakadia

    Battery Drain after installing tweaks on iOS 8.3!

    Hello Guys, I have jailbroken my iPhone 5s running on iOS 8.3 and my battery is draining off fast.I have installed following tweaks: Alkaline Bigify BioProtect CCSetting Chroma Circleicons Cylinder KillBackground8 LockGlyph NoSlowAnimation Priority Hub SmartTap Spin TimePassword WinterBoard...
  2. Harshmakadia

    TaiG 2.1 JailBreak ios 8.3

    Hello Guys TaiG just released its new update 2.1 which fixes the cydia substrate.So if i jailbreak my iphone5s all tweaks will work?
  3. Harshmakadia

    Two Iphones With Same Apple ID

    Hello Guys,I'm using same Apple ID on my two iphones.Thus whenever i get missed call on one iphone it also shows notification on the other iphone.How do i stop getting this notification on other iphone? I have turned off HandOff feature.What more i have to do now in order to stop this problem.
  4. Harshmakadia

    iPhone storage problem!

    Hello guys, I'm using 16Gb iPhone 5s I'm facing storage problem on my phone.when I count the number of gb's used under the "usage" option its not even 5GB.but it shows me available storage is 0 bytes! How do I fix this issue on my iPhone!
  5. Harshmakadia

    Whatsapp chat wallpaper problem

    When I try to change whatsapp chat wallpaper no matter which colour it is,it always turns in black n white How do I fix this problem?
  6. Harshmakadia

    good news for iphone users!! File transfer from iphone to android phones n vice ve

    Hello guys, I found a new app for transferring files from iphone to android and vice versa. App called "XENDER",using this app you can transfer photos,music,video with transfer speed upto mobile data incurred.Finally we got an app to transfer files. Get check out this app it's awesome